All about Moroccan travel trends in 2022

Budget, destination and whereabouts revealed by

Where are the Moroccans planning to travel this year? How long time? What budget will they set aside for their holiday project? … So many questions that find their answers in a survey conducted by Avito’s online platform among its users. This analysis is also based on the figures collected from the 629,700 short-term rental properties that are built on the platform annually, as well as on the demand that these properties generate. “After spending two years with traffic disruptions across the country and travel insecurity, Moroccans are increasingly ready to go on holiday, visit family or friends and especially to resume group activities. This has boosted the tourism sector and more specifically for holiday homes. “has established itself as the primary accommodation for holidays. This dynamic has served both professionals but also met the needs of the Moroccan traveler. We expect a real growth in supply will meet this exponential demand,” says Mehdi Adlouni, CEO for real estate with After two years of pandemic, it seems that 82% of the respondents intend to go on a trip.Avito also conducted its survey of MREs.

Nordic cities, a favorite destination

The study conducted by Avito reveals the real preference of Moroccan travelers for the northern coastal cities (Tangier, followed by Tetouan and Martil). They are ranked as the favorite destination for summer vacations with 28%. Agadir and its region come in second place with 15% of respondents planning to go there this summer. Third place goes to Marrakech, which is popular with 8% of travelers living in coastal cities such as Agadir, Rabat or Casablanca. In this ranking, a new destination is placed among the TOP 10: it is the city of Dakhla. This stands out with a 3% growth in travel intentions compared to 2021. Regarding the amount dedicated to the holiday plan, respondents traveling alone mention an average budget of 2,500 Dhs, while families allocate between 7,500 Dhs and 10,000 Dhs per trip. With regard to holiday homes, the survey revealed a continued increase in holiday homes, largely influenced by travelers’ desire to live in a home (72% versus 28% for hotels). The reasons given by holidaymakers are: Price, location and security. In this sense, short-term rental of private rooms, apartments or holiday homes takes place essentially on the Internet up to 51% via applications and websites, against 36% via intermediaries and 13% directly with hotels.

77% of MRE plan to spend their holidays in Morocco

A survey 100% dedicated to Moroccans living abroad based on a sample of 800 respondents shows that 77% of them plan to return to Morocco to spend their holidays, against 16% who plan to take abroad. foreigner and 7% who want to visit both Morocco and another country. “The latter generally prefers a neighboring country with Italy at the top of the list with 44%, France with 33% and Spain with 22%,” explains Just over half of the respondents (52%) plan to return by plane, compared to 38% who plan to get by car and 10% who plan to come by boat. To spend their vacation, 15% choose Agadir, and 9% choose Tangier and Al Hoceima. “The same trends are recurring among MREs declaring a clear preference for holiday rentals, but for a longer period ranging from 21 to 30 days at 28%, followed by 20% planning to stay between 16 and 20 days “, emphasizes the same source. In terms of means of transport, car rental is the most suitable transport solution with 35% car rental in Morocco and 33% abroad (for Moroccans living in Europe), followed by 20% traveling in their own car and 12% using public transport. On the budget side, MREs reserve an average amount of 1500 euros for their holidays, which can go up to 3000 euros for families. To their choice of travel to Morocco, MRE replies that the family is the main reason, followed by the beauty of the country, especially the beaches, as well as the friendly atmosphere of the country. In addition, they deplore the high prices, the saturation of the various coastal towns and the scams to which tourists are exposed.

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