how to help the animals in the garden?

As temperatures rise, we are not the only ones suffering. Animals may also have difficulty carrying it. Even more so when it comes to heat waves. With temperatures not falling enough at night. But there are a few gestures that can help the animals in our gardens to pass the course.

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In recent years, heat waves – el waves of heat extremes – becoming more and more frequent. Worldwide and in France. Global warming mandatory. High temperatures that are hard for us to bear. Also for animals. Our dogs and our cats, of course. The animals that live in our gardens too. But thanks to a few small moves, we can help them.

Water for garden animals

To cope with a heat wave – strong heat or one drought intense – the most important thing is water. Specialists therefore recommend offering animals in our gardens some points where they can get to water. Even cool. A plate placed under each flowerpot e.g. It will retain some water, not only for birds but also for insects. Especially bees and dragonflies need it. However, be careful that this water – or anything else you might have in your garden – does not become a brand mosquito.

For this it will be better to change it every day. This is even more important if the water you put in a small bowl is intended for hedgehogs. First, think about burying it a little bit to prevent them from tipping it over. And keep it cool to prevent these particularly sensitive animals from getting diseases when they come to drink your water.

Similarly, it would be a shame if animals that come to drink the water you make available to them drown there. So remember to put a few stones or planks in your bowls so they can come out safely.

Garden animals seeking shade

The second sensitive point in case of a heat wave – or extreme heat – for humans as for animals isshade. To help the animals that have taken up residence in your garden during the summer, avoid beat too often and too close. Tall grass is a good refuge for insects. Like thick hedges and trees are for others like birds or squirrel, e.g. By covering your soil – or at least part of it – with soil, you will also be able to retain some moisture that worms and insects could appreciate.

Also remember to simply place our bowls with water in the shade. To allow the animals to quench their thirst while enjoying a bit of freshness.

On the other hand, be aware that even during periods of high heat, it is not recommended feed wild animals. For them, the best food remains the one they can find for themselves, in our gardens or in our forests.

And if you find an animal in need in your garden, remember that for him you are above all an extremely stressful predator. You can try to protect it from Sun, in a cooler place, and give it water. But the best thing to do is still to contact a veterinarian, a health center or a crisis center near you to get the right advice. For example, contact the French Union of Centers of backup of wildlife brutal. Because each animal has its own characteristics and you can not improvise as a caretaker.

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