All that pet gives us

This article is taken from the monthly magazine Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche n ° 905-906, dated July-August 2022.

“In a modern Western society like ours, very individualistic camaraderie is crucialsays Sarah Jeannin, clinical psychologist and ethologist. And animals give us the comfort that we find it increasingly difficult to find with our fellow human beings. “An effect exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. A study conducted by the universities of York and Lincoln (UK) on 6,000 Britons revealed in 2020 that sharing your home with a pet in prison provided important psychological support, especially of relieving loneliness.

“The beast does not judge”

One year later, the University of Toledo (USA) shared the first empirical evidence, through self-evaluation of participants, that emotional support animals – which in this case have no formal certification – can provide benefits that can be quantified for people with mental illness, in particular by limiting the anxiety phases. “The animal promotes self-confidence because it does not judge, does not express itself verbally and actually liberates freedom of speech “, Explains Sarah Jeannin.

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