KRTB dog boarding schools are full

Unfortunately, dog owners who want to have their pets kept in a boarding house in the region to go on holiday will have to find an alternative solution. The dog boarding houses KRTB, Complexe CAMA in Saint-Pascal and Entre Bons Pattes in Saint-Antonin, are overwhelmed for the holiday period.

For a few months already, the weekends have been full at both companies. Waiting lists have been created for customer cancellations. Some places are still vacant during the week, except for construction and the following. At CAMA Complex, the next available weekends are in September. The companies mention that reservations have been made for next summer and that this is the best way to secure a place.

“We already have reservations for the holiday season. In busy periods, you have to think about at least two months in advance,” says Olivia Bolduc Després, groomer, animal health technician and employee at CAMA Complex. Catherine Leblond, owner of the pension and animal health technician, believes that the resumption of post-pandemic activities is one of the reasons for the traffic at dog boarding schools: “People bought a lot of puppies during the pandemic. We really see it, even at the vets people can no longer have appointments ”.

“If all customers took care of their pension, it would be a perfect world,” says Stéphanie Gosselin of Entre Bons Pattes. According to her, it is the owners’ duty to plan where to keep their dog, to avoid relying on poorly contained people or leaving their animals behind. She witnessed such a situation last summer. People have left their pets in a place they could not visit. When they returned to pick up their dog a month later, he was malnourished, abused, infected and kept in a cage filled with his urine and feces, again according to Mrs. Gosselin.

“Unfortunately, I hear far too many of these stories in the region,” Ms Gosselin said. There are too many secret boarding houses that have no permits and no rules. “She mentions that one should not hesitate to ask questions about permits, people’s certification and to visit the places where their dog is to be kept to check the place Mrs. Leblond from CAMA shares this opinion: “I would be afraid to have my dog ​​taken care of by someone who says to me: no, I do not want to show you where to sleep, because we do not.” She adds that she does not hesitate to come on surprise visits to the guest house, to really find out how their animals’ stay is going.


“You do not need so many permits in addition to the most important: the kennel permit. It does not slip easily. I was really lucky, because a permit had already been acquired here. When I bought it, it was a takeback. People tried to start such a business and it did not work, ”says Ms. Leblond.

In order for a permit to be issued, the business must be located in an agricultural zone. The conditions change from one city to another, e.g. as for the distance of the noise from the yap, saddles, so fields and streams. Otherwise, all that is required is land, adequate infrastructure and good preparation.


According to Catherine Leblond, the best solution to the lack of boarding schools during the summer season would be for the owners to take their dogs on trips. She says more and more places are accepting them, making it easier for holidaymakers. “We should live more and more together with our animals, they are not just a part of our lives,” says the owner of CAMA Complex. Bringing them everywhere makes dogs more socialized, more used to seeing anything, who any time and hear any noise. It gives balanced dogs at the end of the row. “

This aspect is especially one of the problems with the “COVID puppies”, who have been withdrawn from the first years of their birth. More scared and reserved, going out and socializing can help make them insensitive to other dogs as well as strangers.

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