business trip comeback, bleisure boom

Eurostar estimates business travel to reach 70% of volumes before Covid

That business travel resumed faster than we expected in 2022especially considering that we still only insure about three-quarters of our pre-pandemic transportation plan The report, which is positive for the business travel ecosystem, has been signed by François Le Doze, Commercial Director ofEurostarwhich is said to be convinced that this trend will continue after the summer period, when September is generally an important month for business travel According to figures published on July 18th of the railway company, business travel would now reach 70% of 2019 levels. And almost 8 out of 10 professionals (78%) plan to travel more or as much between the UK and Europe than before the health crisis. At least that’s what the railway company observes among its Eurostar business customers which has a travel account – the number of corporate accounts managed by Eurostar has increased by 40% between 2019 and 2022 – but in general the trend is more nuanced… In fact, business travelers plan to travel more (37%) or similar amounts (17%), but a significant proportion of professionals (41%) expect to downgrade their number of trips

Asked about the reasons for their current business travels, the professionals interviewed by Eurostar do not surprisingly point to customer meetings (67%), of which 37% mention that fact work somewhere else, another office. Follow internal meetings in corresponding proportions (36%), ahead supplier meetings (21%) and education (20%).

According to this Eurostar study, the forced use of videoconferencing solutions does not seem to have overcome the need to meet. Thus, for 79% of business travelers, it is still important – even very important (34%) – to continue to hold meetings in person.

Reasons why personal meetings are important (Source: Eurostar)

The impact of the crisis on the behavior of business travelers is, of course, mainly based on the new flexibility that employees are given. The use of telework combined with “revenge journey” – this need to “catch up on the lost time” during the pandemic – would thus have boosted bleisure. ” Over the last two years, we have all enjoyed it telework flexibility and many seek to protect the extra time for hobbies or family that this allows », Analyzes François Le Doze. ” For ordinary business travelers, the ability to extend business trips to explore a new destination and spend time with friends and family is a priority this year Supported by numbers, the management of Eurostar thus registers the input of blending genres between business and leisure in a new dimension. According to the company’s survey, more than a quarter of business travelers feel the need to make up for lost time during the pandemic by extending their business trips. Above all, a large majority of them (86%) now plan to play the extensions for future trips from 2022. In addition, 85% of the business trips booked in May and June include an average stay of at least one night.

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