How to finance a travel project? 12 fundraising ideas

Traveling has always made you want to, and you have decided to go on an adventure to the other side of the earth? The project is large-scale, attractive and above all very expensive. Fortunately, there are many solutions to finance a trip.

Roadtrip in Patagonia, spiritual travel in Tibet, wild camping in the great canyon or safari in the desert, whatever the destination of your dreams, then your economy must be at the top. It’s actually nice to want to do that world tour, but unfortunately it is not free to cross borders. Still not sure how to finance your vacation? Do not panic, here are 13 financing ideas that will allow you to find the necessary funds to complete your travel project.

Save money

Naturally, the first piece of advice to enable you finance your trip is to save. It’s time to save money by reducing your expenses. If you want to realize your dream, you will need to become more pragmatic in your spending and eliminate the superfluous. You probably already have an idea of ​​how much your adventure should cost you, depending on which country you want to go to. You will therefore need to do the accounting and the smallest euro you can save will be one step closer to your dream destination.

To obtain save as much money as possible, for example, you can cancel subscriptions that you do not really use. Buying and eating with the seasons will also save you unnecessary expenses. You can also skip shopping and keep your clothes longer. Finally, lower your electricity consumption by reducing heating even by one degree. Several tips put together will allow you to recover dozens of euros, which you can then invest in your itinerary.

save for travel

Choose consumer credit

The second option to travel with all the money you need is to make a bank loan. In fact, many companies offer consumer credit that can allow you to fund your itinerary. But before you commit, you need one credit simulator helps you estimate your interest rate based on the amount you want to borrow, the term, the amount and the number of installments. You will thus be able to be built on the refunds and set off calmly for the adventure.

Work on financing your stay

This is of course the most logical way to make money. But you will have to keep going by being well organized. In fact, if you are versatile enough, in addition to your professional activity, you will be able to find missions to perform as a freelancer. Many websites and platforms offer remote jobs that you will be able to apply for. This could be, for example, a panelist for certain brands, an online advisor, giving language lessons, writing reviews, becoming an online trader, etc. These tasks can be combined perfectly with your work, and in most cases, they will allow you to make money. easily.

work to travel work vacations

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Sell ​​personal items

We don’t think about it that often, but the things we pick up over the years are potentially money sleeping in the closets. If you plan to find financing for a trip around the world, it could well start with a spring cleaning. It’s time to visit drawers, closets, cupboards and walk around your house from the basement to the attic. You will definitely come across stores in good condition that you will be able to resell. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, household appliances, many sites on the Internet allow you to sell your goods and thus stick the jackpot.

Financing your travel project through partners

This is a trend that is gaining more and more success among globetrotters around the world. To finance a trip crowdfunding has the wind in the sails. You can highlight the project that motivates you and look for partners. By finding companies, associations or brands that share the same vision as you and that want to achieve fame, you may be able to raise the budget for your trip. The projects can relate to different causes, ecological, social, medical and can be sponsored by an association. It can also be a matter of promoting a brand’s products in return. This can be a contribution to your expenses, supply of equipment for your trip or even hotel nights.

crowdfunding of a crowdfunding journey

Apply for a scholarship

To finance a trip, it is possible to apply for one travel grant with an association. The concept is simple. You agree to promote the institution during your trip in various ways and the latter will give it to you budget necessary to travel to the country of your choice. However, your trip must be for a purpose related to the association’s activities. This can be an educational, humanitarian, cultural, solidarity, sports project … The amount allocated depends on several criteria. You must prepare an application file in advance, which will be sent to a jury for approval.

It is also possible to use public funding to pay for part of your trip. Some municipalities have programs that give young people the opportunity to finance their adventure projects around the world. In France, therefore, you need to check if your city encourages this type of initiative through scholarships.

Rent your apartment or house

If you are planning to go on a trip and your home needs to stay closed, this is an opportunity to make it profitable. Many solutions are available to you. For example, you can list your home on sites that offer seasonal rentals or, if necessary, leave the responsibility directly to an agency. However, to make money for your trip, you can choose to sell your house or apartment. This radical solution must be considered if you do not intend to return and want to settle somewhere else. On the other hand, if you just want to make money, it is ideal to choose short term rental.

rent your house to finance a trip

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Ask for contributions from relatives

You probably would not have thought of it alone, but it is still one of the best solutions for financing a trip. If you have people in your family or around you who are quite caring towards you, you can ask for their help. Whether it is to help you finance part of yours trip or fully support the latter.

Try crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a win-win opportunity that helps you find the necessary financing for your trip. Just contact companies or individuals and tell them about your travel plans. To access it, however, your itinerary must be based on a real concept. That private donations which is granted comes with an obligation on your part to put forward an idea which is dear to your benefactor.

To initiate a donation appeal, indicate what your project is on a site that specializes in crowdfunding and wait to be contacted. However, you will need to prepare yourself to be transparent about your ambitions and above all commit to sharing your experiences with your donors.

Trying to find another job

If your schedule allows, you can also choose to find another job. Some young people choose delivery or relief missions for the elderly for a fee. If you own a vehicle, you can also try the Uber experience outside of rush hour.

find another job

Online sales sites also allow Internet users to have their customers’ packages delivered to their homes. This exchange of good process takes place in return for financial compensation. You can try this trick which allows you to do it Make Money without too many restrictions. Many applications allow you to make money by offering one-time activities that allow you to save money in the long run.

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Make money on a personal talent

To make money and finance your trip, it may be time to make money on a talent you have. With social networks today, it is much easier to make money as long as you are imaginative. If you have artistic talents, you can sell designs, make jewelry, customize pairs of shoes or clothes and put them up for sale to your community.

Become an influencer on social media

To find out how to finance a travel project with social network, it is very simple. If you have a strong community and regularly create interesting content, you will achieve fame. The more you are recognized, the more you will be valued, and the more the number of your followers will increase. This will quickly attract brands that will offer you partnerships to increase their visibility. In addition, some social networks pay content creators based on the number of views and likes on their videos. Use your creativity to make money this way.

Becoming a Travel Influencer: The Dream Job!
Becoming a Travel Influencer: The Dream Job!

There are no pre-determined rules for financing a trip. It all depends on your abilities, your skills and above all your imagination. But here are some ideas that you can put in place to make your dream of adventure a reality.

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