Riding stay 8/12 years old in Médoc haras de st vivien, 1 August 2022, Saint-Vivien-de-Médoc.

Riding stay 8/12 years in Médoc 1 and 5 August Haras de St Vivienne

As part of the “Learning Colos” operation of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport.

stutteri af st vivien 12 route du port 33590 Saint Vivien de médoc Saint-Vivien-de-Médoc 33590 Gironde Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The goals of the stay

*Enjoy a moment of vacation, and reconnect with the surrounding nature.
* Develop socialization and autonomy of the child in nature through the animal.
Promote child autonomy and responsibility with “horse” support
* Consolidate their academic performance, develop their skills and knowledge through one
Open country gallop diploma program.
* Practice a sports activity and discover new equestrian disciplines, initiation to TREC and topography orientation

Presentation of the stay For riders from 8 to 12 years

Group of a maximum of 10 riders per. stay

Topics discussed during the stay
• Discovery of riding through the Médoc: Marshes, the Gironde estuary,
Atlantic Ocean and initiation for information.
• Initiation and improvement of TREC techniques.
• Preparation for Naturgalop

Haras de St Vivien offers the ideal setting for a holiday where the vast meadows are a paradise for horses.

Welcome to the riders

These stays are specially designed for children and teenagers who want to discover, learn or improve their riding skills.
Passion for horses, lovers of country life or need for large open areas.
They will live here their vacations amidst the horses by developing riding knowledge while consolidating school performance.

Every day, the child gradually comes into contact with all the practical aspects of hiking.

Accommodation and dinner are offered at Haras in our riding cabin or in a tent in the summer.
In a protected environment in the middle of nature for a stay of up to 10 children.

In the program
Day and half day hikes to discover Médoc.
Bathing with the horses approx. 3 hours on horseback minimum per. day.

We ride through Mattes, discovering its fauna and flora worthy of the name of the little “Camargue Bordelaise”, its edges of the estuary Tons of ducks, aquaculture farms, visits to the Vensac mill, Richard’s lighthouse, fishing trip at the Barreyre ponds.

We cross the Girondine heath and reach the Atlantic Ocean, where the beaches await us as far as the eye can see. The time of stay each rider is responsible for his horse, if he wants it, he can be in charge of care, the various daily care

Club activities.
Young people can discover or improve their skills at TREC by practicing:
POR: orientation and regularity course, learning and using the compass, reading IGN maps.

Riders will learn useful techniques during rides:
Use of knots, seamanship.
Utilization of the track horse.
• Road safety.
• Introduction to first aid for humans and horses.
• The rider’s tips.
• Recognition of small local fauna and flora.
Poisonous and protected plants. .
Discovery of the local cultural heritage

Framing: Equestrian Tourism Guide, CQP, ATE and BPJEPS.
Equestrian Center affiliated with FFE, youth and sports, France quality horse brand.
Those who wish can pass their diploma in equestrian tourism and wilderness galloping.
Possibility to pick up children at Bordeaux St Jean station or Mérignac Airport.

Organization of daily life and activities during the stay
Upon arrival at the stud, a moment will be given to present the course of a typical day to provide a maximum of benchmarks to the youngsters during the stay.
There will be real attention to everyone’s rhythm of life, bedtimes and waking times so as not to disturb the children’s chronological rhythm.

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2022-08-01T09: 00: 00 + 02: 00
2022-08-05T18: 00: 00 + 02: 00