Travel in nature through art and experience Paris! – International volunteer camp Camping les petits prés, 16 August 2022, Dourdan.

Travel in nature through art and experience Paris! – International volunteer camp 16 – 30 August Camping les petits prés
Mandatory registration to join the labor camp on the Aventure Utile website and enter the code “ANEC 25” to enter (bottom of page). Still a few vacancies.
Maison Elsa Aragon Triolet welcomes 14 young people from other places for 2 weeks to contribute to the development of this place, which is listed as a historical monument in Saint-Arnoult en Yvelines (78)

Campsite Les Petits Prés Dourdan Dourdan 91410 Essonne Île-de-France [{« link »: « »}]


In the heart of a 5 acre park, Maison Elsa Triolet-Aragon takes you into the intimacy of 2 writers. The mill from the end of the 12th century, converted into a home, was often the setting and source of inspiration for the couple. This is where some of the finest pages of French literature were written. Several years ago, the house acquired a “ball parquet”, erected as a historical monument. This wooden structure was used to host dances on the village squares in the 1920s. Three volunteer sites were previously able to help restore this wooden floor ball, develop access paths and develop a new space for the installation of a modern work in the park. This year, two missions will be handed over to the volunteers: the development of flower terraces around the tombs of Elsa and Aragon and the restoration of a work in the park, a football goal invaded by vegetation … to be discovered.

The project

In connection with the Maison Elsa-Triolet Aragon, Etudes et Chantiers Ile de France will therefore organize a two-week international voluntary labor camp around the restoration of heritage and the preservation of the environment. Fifteen teens ages 14 to 17 will learn
to develop part of the park: flower terraces and restoration of a work of art installed several years ago by artist Ange Leccia. This work allows you to discover the works of art in a different way: suspension bridges, planting of plants, the visitor’s route …

This project will enhance the works of art installed on site and highlight the existing heritage. They will be made aware of the protection of French heritage and will learn about various forms of literary or plastic activities, such as exquisite corpses or street art. Our goal is to make volunteers and residents aware of the richness of the cultural and natural heritage, of intercultural openness and of citizen involvement.

The technical goal is to teach a young audience to highlight the classified site by building furniture that allows them to have more views integrated into their environment. The pedagogical goals are to increase awareness of the preservation of heritage and environment, to live collectively on a cooperative model, to create connections with the inhabitants of the territory, to promote intercultural encounters. This project will make it possible to build a collective work that will benefit META and its visitors and the inhabitants of Saint Arnoult-en-Yvelines.

Accommodation and food

The volunteers will sleep in tents at the municipal campsite in Dourdan (a small medieval town 10 minutes from Maison Elsa Triolet). They have access to a kitchen and a common room. Facilitators and volunteers will pay special attention to the food so that it is as local and responsible as possible. All aspects of the collective life (purchasing, preparing meals, cleaning) will be taken care of by the volunteers themselves, based on an operation that they will have jointly decided (eg use planning, couple formation, etc.). Volunteers will take turns cooking for all participants. This will be an opportunity to show off your culinary skills, do not forget your recipes! They will be assisted in this task by a facilitator of community life. The goal: that each volunteer should be an actor in their stay with respect for others and community life. The organization will be made with the animation team, who are there to ensure that the stay runs smoothly. The team consists of 3 people: a director of BAFD residency, a BAFA facilitator, a technical facilitator. The goal of the workcamp is to achieve autonomy and live a collective adventure by stepping out of your comfort zone! Possibility to connect to WiFi.


The volunteers with the animators determine the activities for the afternoons and weekends. Games will be organized, meals with the inhabitants, visits and bike rides in the region, the discovery of many nature parks, a visit to Paris will also be planned. This place is an opportunity for meetings and discoveries in a place classified as a historical monument.

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2022-08-16T16: 30: 00 + 02: 00
2022-08-30T12: 30: 00 + 02: 00

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