Video: summer excursions you must not miss

Beautiful boxes, great classics or news, the video releases continue at a good pace throughout the summer.

box F / X and F / x 2

A little-known nugget of gold from the mid-1980s, “F / X” follows in the footsteps of an expert in cinema effects, who is forced to “kill” a regret when he was to testify in a trial against the mafia. In the title role, we recognize the effective Bryan Brown, also seen as a mentor to Tom Cruise in “Cocktail,” who does really well in this seductive B-series. In the box, with very beautiful pictures, there is also the sequel to the first film, less successful, but also many bonuses that will delight fans.

F / X and F / X 2 sets, by Richard Franklin, ed. The picture workshop, € 19.99


The return of the Dark Knight is always an event. A few months after its theatrical release, “The Batman” lands on video, and the cake should find its audience, especially in a beautifully crafted 4K version. Despite its length (2h55 anyway), the film received excellent reviews, and Robert Pattinson was able to convince in Bruce Wayne. Also on the menu, many bonuses, which include clip scenes and analysis of key scenes from the movie.

The Batman, by Matt Reeves, ed. Warner, Fnac Exclusive 4K Steelbook Edition € 34.99

heroes or bastards


The movie “Heroes or bastards”, released in 1980, remains unknown in our regions. Undoubtedly because of its subject, the Second Boer War, which took place between 1899 and 1902 in South Africa. But the film and its subject matter deserve attention. Filmed at eye level, it tells the story of the journey and the trial of three soldiers who are rightly or wrongly accused of killing prisoners.

Heroes or bastards, by Bruce Beresford, ed. Rimini, € 19.99

Midnight collection boxes


The midnight collection from Carlotta editions does not weaken, with the arrival of several lovely B-series. The first, “Inseminoid”, is without a doubt the most surprising with a rather daring scenario involving a scientist’s aggression of an unknown creature during a space mission. As for “Trap” (the tourist trap in English), it’s a pleasant mix between “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Man in the Wax Mask”. An ideal slasher for long summer evenings.

Inseminoid and the Trap, ed. Carlotta, € 15 per film

Three times nothing

A breath of fresh air about French comedy. In “Three Times Nothing”, Brindille, Cap and La Flèche live in a tent in the Bois de Vincennes. But their situation changes completely the day they win the lottery. A waking dream that quickly turns into a nightmare. Because how can you get money when you do not have a fixed address or a bank account?

Three Times Nothing, by Nadège Loiseau, ed. Covenants, € 19.99

A lost soul


Another underrated film noir. In “A Lost Soul,” released in 1948, director Lewis Allen immerses us in a criminal spiral, all the way to the end of the 19th century. Between Olivia and Mark, a toxic relationship is established, which will lead the young woman despairing of love for her downfall. Classic in form, testifying to its time, “A Lost Soul” arrives in a magnificent box.

A Lost Soul, by Lewis Allen, ed. Rimini, € 24.99

The red desert


Giuliana’s trek, told in “The Red Desert”, is one of the peaks of Michelangelo Antonioni’s career. Golden Lion in Venice in 1964 (three years before the Palme d’Or won at Cannes for Blow-up), this film mixes content and form excellently, the Italian director also shot the envelope very far for this first color film in his long career. Offered in an excellent 4K restoration, the film is a must, which it would be a shame to ignore.

Limited edition prestige coffin The Red Desert, by Michelangelo Antonioni, ed. Charlotte, € 28



The huge Texas saga about director George Stevens makes a remarkable arrival in 4K. An edition that sublimates the myth since the 1956 film was nominated 10 times for Oscars and won a statuette.

On screen, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean shine (in their third and final role), and the film has remained engraved in Hollywood marble. The film was also released after the actor’s death by accident at the age of 24.

Giant, by George Stevens, ed. Warner, € 24.99

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