What are the antiseptic treatments for dogs in 2022?

It is important to complete your dog’s first aid kit with antiseptic. You will be able to react effectively if your animal is injured, regardless of the severity of the wound. Experience our buying guide and get ready for the best!

Antiseptic shampoo for dogs, antiseptic eye drops for dogs, antiseptic spray for dogs … Antiseptic products for dogs are available in different types. They can disinfect a wound and thus remove all bacteria and promote good healing. Apply the antiseptic after cleaning the wound. Be careful when buying a special antiseptic product for dogs: Although some are suitable for both animals and humans, you may as well avoid taking risks. For example, mercurochrome is a real poison for dogs. To best treat the wound on your hairball, change the dressing every day while adding a few drops of antiseptic to the compress each time. Do you want to complete your dog’s medicine chest? To help you choose the best eye drops, shampoos and antiseptic sprays for dogs, we have written this comparison. Let yourself be guided!


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Canosept antiseptic spray for dogs, allergen free

This spray effectively removes all bacteria, dead skin, sebum and greasy particles that contaminate the surface of the skin. It is advisable to spray the spray on the wound two or three times a day without rinsing. It promotes healing and at the same time prevents infections. This product is intended for dogs of all breeds, but you can also use it on cats and small animals. Be careful not to come in contact with the eyes. The bottle contains 75 ml of antiseptic product.

Lucaa + dog cleaning product, rich in probiotics

This spray solution is very easy to apply, gently, on painful wounds. Enriched with probiotics, it restores the microbial balance in the wound environment to allow for good healing. Prepared with all-natural ingredients, this antiseptic product limits the risk of infections to dogs. It is an organic, odorless and painless solution. To apply it properly, start by shaving the hair around the wound, then clean it with lukewarm water. Then spray with antiseptic, then apply a bandage. Repeat the operation every day until healing.

Institute Katharos disinfectant spray for dogs, an all-in-one lotion

These itch-reducing eye drops act as a cleanser, disinfectant and healer in one. It is effective against skin allergies, but also against infections. It is a fast-acting spray that does not contain any harmful chemicals. It consists of only two ingredients: high-purity water and colloidal silver. As the product shows 40 PPM, it is enough to administer a dose of 10 ml to benefit from 400 mcg of silver. The bottle is made of amber colored glass, which guarantees the absence of impurities in the liquid.

Clorexyderm antiseptic gel for dogs, easy to apply

In the form of a gel, this disinfectant product is convenient to apply on your dog’s wounds or irritations. It does not sting at all and does not spread any odor. In return, it has a bitter taste that keeps animals from licking it. In addition, the bottle is equipped with a spot-on system, which allows the treatment to be poured with great precision. Apply it directly on the wound, but also on the compress that protects the wound from dust. You can use the same product to treat a cat.

Dermidine antiseptic spray for dogs, with a pleasant odor

This non-scorching spray will instantly soothe your pet’s itching and pain while disinfecting their wounds. It contains propylene glycol, calendula and centella: the perfect blend to soothe irritations and expel bacteria that can contaminate the wound. The spray system is very effective for gently applying the product on the sensitive area. The bottle contains 60 ml of antiseptic solution. Very compact, it slides easily into a drawer or in your first aid kit!

How to disinfect a dog’s wounds?

To disinfect a dog’s wounds properly, start by immobilizing your animal. He is certainly scared as he has just been injured and he risks fighting. You must not harm her by disinfecting her wounds.

You then need to cut the hairs that are around the wound using a small pair of scissors. Then take physiological serum or Marseille soap to clean the wound. Please note that this should not be done with scented hand soap as its pH is not suitable for dogs.

Gently rub the wound with a compress or microfiber cloth to remove any dirt and grit it contains. It is only when the wound is properly cleansed that you can apply a disinfectant on it. Be careful not to use alcohol as it will hurt the dog a lot and your doggie may have a violent reaction.

Then apply a clean compress to the wound, after depositing a few drops of antiseptic. Fix it with a bandage that needs to be changed between once and twice a day, checking the condition of the wound each time. Each time you apply a compress, pour a few drops of antiseptic product into it.

Why buy dog ​​spirit?

It is important to have a dog disinfectant product in your first aid kit, because our favorite hairballs are never safe from getting hurt. Dogs like to explore, run and jump and can scratch their claws, scrape against the fence or be bitten by other doggies. Although the wounds are neither deep nor severe, it is important to disinfect them to prevent them from serving as nests for bacteria.

Purchasing a disinfectant for dogs therefore makes it possible to react quickly in the event of an emergency. Good to know, you should not use two disinfectant products at the same time because their effects can be diminished or even cancel each other out.

In addition, dog saliva, contrary to popular belief, is not effective for disinfection. On the contrary, a dog that licks its wound risks aggravating it. His mucus contains many bacteria.

Are Dog Infections Safe?

Yes, dog disinfectants are safe when used properly. Once the wound has been thoroughly cleansed, the disinfectant product prevents the development of bacteria and promotes good healing.

Choose an antiseptic that does not burn or sting when applied. The dog would take it very badly and might bite you in pain.

If the wound is close to the animal’s eyes, use an aqueous solution of povidone iodine. It must then be diluted by respecting a ratio of 1 volume of product to 9 volumes of physiological serum or water. For sores that are far from the eyes, you can disinfect them with 0.5% chlorhexidine.

If you follow all these tips when applying the antiseptic product to your dog’s wounds, you can be sure that the treatment will be extremely effective.

Are antiseptics for dogs different from antiseptics for humans?

Some human antiseptics can also be used for dogs. This is the case with hydrogen peroxide, betadine or even biseptin. On the other hand, there are also antiseptics specifically designed for dogs.

The most effective are those that contain iodine, such as Vetidine and Hexomedine. You can also use aqueous chlorhexidine or make your own natural antiseptic with essential oils (tea tree and lavender).

Good to know, you should never use mercurochrome to disinfect a dog’s wounds. It’s a real poison for them! If the animal licks itself, it can cause severe poisoning.

What is the difference between a disinfectant and an antiseptic for dogs?

The antiseptic product is applied to living tissues, such as mucous membranes or wounds, to remove bacteria or microorganisms. As for the disinfectant product, it is used to clean lifeless matrices (carpets, floors, etc.). However, some antiseptics are also called “skin disinfectants”. In this case, healthcare professionals consider the skin as a lifeless surface.

In all cases, these two products are intended to eradicate viruses and bacteria that can contaminate an environment.

They both come in several types and offer different action options.

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