Africa in thought and action by HM King Mohammed VI, theme of a national symposium in Laâyoune

Africa in HM King Mohammed VI’s Thoughts and Action “is the theme of a national symposium held in Laayoune on Monday by the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences (Agdal), Mohammed V University of Rabat, and the organization of peace, tolerance , democracy and human rights, on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the throne, as part of the activities in the 3rd edition of the seasonal university.

This symposium, organized in partnership with the Wilaya in the Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra region and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, aims to analyze the actions of the Moroccan diplomacy vis-à-vis Africa, which experienced strong momentum under HM King Mohammed VI’s government at various levels, especially in the humanitarian, mutual aid, religious and spiritual fields.

The President of Mohammed V University of Rabat, Mohamed El Ghachi, indicated on this occasion that the organization of this symposium, which is attended by a host of experts, university professors, students and diplomats from sub-Saharan Africa, will contribute to to highlight the role that Moroccan diplomacy plays in strengthening Moroccan-African relations, and the various political and geostrategic aspects of Moroccan-African relations, in addition to the in-depth study of Morocco’s foreign policy on Africa and the Moroccan Sahara issue.

The African continent is of great importance to Moroccans given the strong ties that unite the two parties geographically, historically, religiously, economically and socially, added Mr El Ghachi, who highlighted Morocco’s African depth as well as its civilizational and cultural distinctiveness.

He recalled that HM King Mohammed VI has made significant efforts to strengthen Moroccan diplomacy vis-à-vis the African continent and its pioneering role in the development and consolidation of peace and stability in Africa, in addition to the fight against extremism. and initiating the culture of moderation, tolerance, coexistence and solidarity while ensuring the intensification of economic investment on the continent following a win-win approach.

El Ghachi pointed out that the Moroccan University is strongly involved in the work of consolidating Moroccan-African relations, and in this connection recalled the initiative of Mohammed VI University, which has sought to strengthen the mechanisms that promote African action by setting up the Institute. for African Studies and by organizing conferences and colloquia and establishing several Masters focusing on issues of great importance to Africa as well as a range of studies, research and university specialties relating to African affairs in geography, history, sociology, anthropology, international relations and human rights.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences (Agdal), Farid El Bacha, pointed out that this symposium is a space for dialogue about the role that Morocco is taking on under the leadership of HM the King in order to contribute to growth. and prosperity on the continent.

He called in this regard to keep this symposium open for more interaction between the various participants on the main issues of interest to Africa and to highlight the basis of the enlightened vision of HM the King towards Africa and its people. He also pleaded for the establishment in Laayoune of an observatory for South-South cooperation studies, which will serve as a source of proposals.

The President of the Organization for Peace, Tolerance, Democracy and Human Rights, Mohamed Salem Cherkaoui, for his part, confirmed that this symposium, which is part of the continuity of the projects opened by the organization and its partners, provides a framework for debate. and dialogue between actors from different sides and an opportunity to deepen reflection on the theme of Africa in HM King Mohammed VI’s thoughts and actions, especially since Africa, since HM King’s inauguration, has been placed among the priorities of HM King. Kingdom foreign policy.

This symposium was marked by the creation and equipment of a “knowledge center” named after the late Assia El Ouadie, as well as the availability of students from the Higher School of Technologies (EST) in Laâyoune and the Polydisciplinary Faculty in Es. -Semara, of works and publications, within the framework of university diplomacy and the strengthening of scientific research.

Work on this symposium focused on several themes related to “Moroccan diplomacy and cooperation between the countries of the South”, “Moroccan-African relations and the spirit of strong and active partnership”, “the historical dimension and spiritual aspects of Moroccan-African relations”, “the political and geostrategic aspects of Moroccan-African relations”, “Morocco’s foreign policy towards Africa”.

Wali from Laâyoune-Sakia El Hamra region, Governor of Laâyoune Province, Abdeslem Bekrate, the traveling ambassador responsible for human rights, Ahmed Herzenni, Secretary General of wilaya attended this conference. by Laayoune, Ibrahim Boutmilate, as well as several dean of faculties at the universities Mohammed V, Iben Zohr, Cadi Ayyad in addition to university teachers, students, diplomats and experts from various countries in sub-Saharan Africa.


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