DIRECT. Fires in Gironde: “Almost all the animals” in the Arcachon Basin zoo “were rescued” after evacuation


“Almost all the animals” in the Arcachon Basin zoo “rescued”

Faced with the intensity of the fires in the Gironde, the authorities embarked on the emergency evacuation of the Zoo du Bassin d’Arcachon in Teste-de-Buch. “All the transportable animals, ie 363 animals, were transported by special convoys (…) to a safety zone installed at the site of Bordeaux-Pessac Zoo located 65 kilometers from Arcachon Basin Zoo”, the ministry specifies in a press release of organic conversion. “Almost all the animals were rescued. Unfortunately, a dozen animals did not survive the high heat and stress,” the ministry continues.



“The house is on fire and some keep looking elsewhere”

The mayor of Bordeaux, Pierre Hurmic, used former President Jacques Chirac’s famous expression in an interview with France Bleu Gironde. “The house is burning more and more and some continue to search elsewhere,” he said, while three fires continue to ravage the Gironde department. “We react afterwards and we deal with crisis after crisis instead of predicting. In any case, it is certain that the effects of the extreme events we are going through will open our eyes to the profound transformations that need to be carried out,” he continues. .

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Corrèze under the smoke

The smoke from the fires in the Gironde is spreading … as far as the Corrèze. No fire should be complained about in the ward, the prefecture assures. “The presence of fumes does not pose any major health risks,” she continues, advising people suffering from “acute respiratory pathologies” not to open the windows of their homes and to limit excursions.


“We have our backs to the wall,” the IPCC co-president insists

” That work we do since scientists are there to understand the problems behind this heat wave, ”explains BFMTV Valerie Masson-Delmotte, Co-President of the IPCC. “Everyone must be able to acquire this knowledge, otherwise it must be used for? We are here with our backs to the wall, ”says the scientist, who hopes that the current situation will call for collective action in favor of the climate.

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The village of Mano evacuated in Landes

The Landiras fire, which is still progressing, forced the authorities to evacuate the town of Mano in Landes, indicates the prefecture. It is about 120 people. All will be referred to an evacuation and regrouping center for evacuees, set up by local associations. Special care will be provided to the most vulnerable people, the Landes prefecture assures.


The United Kingdom, in turn, is threatened by the heat wave

The temperature should exceed 40 ° C in the UK, unheard of in this country. The last British record goes back to July 25, 2019, with 38.7 ° C recorded in Cambridge, in the south east of the country. On Monday, 38.1 ° C was already recorded in the eastern part of the UK, the highest temperature this year. And the country experienced its warmest night ever recorded between Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures in places not falling below 25 ° C.

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“We need Canadair on the spot”

Asked about France Bleu Gironde calls on the chairman of the department council of Gironde, Jean-Luc Gleyze, for water bombers in the region. “We need Canadairs on the ground. We must be considered as Corsica is. Today, Canadair is permanently on Corsica because it is an island,” he explains. “We saw it in the northern part of the Landes. The Canadians, who were redirected to immediately enter the incipient fires, were extremely effective, ”he continues. Already this weekend, the chosen PS, the interview in Le Parisien, had judged that Canadair’s presence on its territory was significant.



Monday was the 14th hottest day ever in France

The national thermal indicator, the average of the average temperatures recorded in a panel of 30 stations, reached 28 ° C on Monday. This is the 14th hottest day in France since the creation of this indicator … in 1947, indicates Meteo France. Of the 20 warmest days, almost half (8) have taken place within the last four years.


A steady fire in the Ardèche

A fire that broke out Monday in the town of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc in the Ardèche was directed overnight from Monday to Tuesday. In total, between 80 and 90 hectares of vegetation were burned according to the prefecture. More than a hundred firefighters were mobilized to contain the blaze.


“The firefighters tried everything,” says the director of the Dune campsite

“The fire arrived, the firefighters tried everything. Everything flared up and the emergency services were ordered to evacuate, which I understand. Do not be sad, their work is already beautiful,” says BFMTV Franck Couderc, director of the campsite Dune in Pyla- sur-Mer. “We want to stop the season, we want to see what we have to do with our employees. We will have to refund the customers, we will try to do it very quickly. We will have to think about reconstruction, and we hope that the public authorities will help us restart the season next year, ”he continues.

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“No damage to regret” in Gironde

“No injuries are to be regretted” in the current fires, states Arcachon’s sub-prefect Ronan Léaustic. “Almost 2,000 firefighters have been mobilized. (…) More than a hundred fire trucks are between the fire and the residential areas to protect them. This morning, no further homes were affected, no casualties. It is already a satisfaction, ”says the sub-prefect.


A third fire in the Gironde, 500 people evacuated

A third fire broke out Monday in Vensac, Médoc. That the prefecture of New Aquitaine and the Gironde indicates that this fire burned 70 acres and prompted authorities to conduct more than 500 preventive evacuations.


Montagnette bonfire fixed

The fire started on Thursday by sparks at the passage of a freight train in the Montagnette massif, south of Avignon, was directed overnight by firefighters. The latter continues to flood the edges to avoid a new recovery. This fire, which started at the foot of the massif, in the northern part of Bouches-du-Rhône, and burned about 1,500 hectares, had undergone a new recovery on Monday afternoon, forcing the emergency services to deploy 500 firefighters and 140 machines ii all, with three water bombers and a Canadair.



“You have to step on the brakes radically,” Judge Sandrine Rousseau said

“Yes, unfortunately, drastic measures will be needed to preserve the environment. We are unable to implement public policies “at the height of climatic events,” Paris Sandologist Rorine Rousseau apologizes interviewed on RMC and BFM TV. “We must step on the brakes in a radical and immediate way” in order not to face disasters that have never been experienced before, she insists.


“Citizenship education must be the basis of everything”

asked about France Inter, spokesman for the National Federation of Firefighters, Eric Brocardi, recalls that “90% of fires are caused by human activity, whether voluntary or not”. “Citizens’ education in relation to risk must be the basis for everything today. That is why we are campaigning for the creation of a State Secretariat for Civil Protection. (…) This is important because the firefighters’ best allies to avoid these disasters will always remain the citizen who will adapt his behavior “, the firefighter continues.


Gabriel Attal defends government investment against fires

Asked about Franceinfo, the Minister of Public Accountants, Gabriel Attal, discussed the means that France has deployed to deal with the fires that are ravaging forests in several regions of France. “We have greatly increased the resources for civil security. (…) We have the largest fleet in Europe in terms of aircraft and helicopters to fight fires and we will continue to strengthen it. We have already programmed further investments in the next 5 years ”.


“We are in a mega-fire situation in Landiras”

asked about France Inter, Eric Brocardi, spokesman for the National Federation of Firefighters of France, returns to the fires still burning in the Gironde. “It simply came to our notice then. We have never seen so much difficulty in being able to come and try to tame this situation, ”says the firefighter. And to add that “we are in a situation of mega fires in Landiras”.


A fire in Landes fixed

A forest fire that broke out on Monday in the town of Vert was repaired in the evening, according to our colleagues from France Bleu. A total of 55 hectares of pine were burned. More than 130 firefighters were mobilized on the spot, supported by six Canadair and three Dash. The firefighters continue the firefighting operations, the Landes prefecture specifies.


A smell of smoke as far as the Dordogne

The smell of smoke, linked to the fires that ravaged two forests in the Gironde, is spreading … as far as the Dordogne. The prefecture of the ward asks residents to avoid opening the windows of their homes if they “suffer from severe respiratory pathologies”.


Sudden temperature differences are expected in Finistère

The city of Brest, transformed into a breathless furnace. This Monday, Brittany saw its thermometer explode with series records, 36.2 ° C in Lanvéoc, 36.9 ° C in Lannion, 38.90 ° C in Vannes. The mercury will cope with the division this Tuesday, with a sudden drop in temperatures from almost 40 to 22 degrees in Brest, or 18 ° C less in a few hours. What are the risks in relation to such a temperature difference? We take stock of our decryption.

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More than 19,000 hectares burned in the Gironde

According to one last report from the prefecture, 6,500 hectares burned in Teste-de-Buch and 12,800 in Landiras. In all, more than 37,000 people have been evacuated and more than 2,000 firefighters are still on site to put out the fires.


Bordeaux wakes up in smoke

The city of Bordeaux woke up to impressive clouds of smoke this morning. A burning odor invaded the sector, reports France Bleu Gironde.


A fire in the Channel, 25 acres in smoke

A fire broke out again in Vauville, delegating municipality La Hague (Manche). According to firefighters, 25 acres of heath and meadow went up in smoke. “The fire resumed due to the wind, which changes with the tide,” explains Manuela Mahier, mayor of La Hague in western France. The municipality strongly recommends that the population avoid the areas in question for safety reasons, but also to let the emergency services intervene under the best conditions.


The fire on Monts d’Arrée is progressing, 300 people evacuated

A total of 1,330 hectares of vegetation have now been burned in the fire that broke out in Monts d’Arrée, in Brasparts in Finistère, according to the prefecture of the department. 300 people were also evacuated.


17,000 hectares destroyed in the Gironde

Nearly 1,700 firefighters from across France and backed by significant air resources have been mobilized against two fires that burned 4,700 hectares of forest in La Teste-de-Buch and 12,000 in Landiras, 50km to the ice, according to the latest point from Gironde prefecture on Monday night. In total, almost 17,000 hectares went up in smoke.

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