SAINT-LAURENT-DES-ARBRES “Les Dorcas’elles de St. Lau” will live the adventure in the Moroccan desert

Ivy, Laëtitia and Stéphanie, Saint-Laurentaises fly to Morocco on November 16 (Laure Leflamand)

A 100% female orienteering race in the heart of the Moroccan desert. Stéphanie, Laëtitia and Ivy venture into the unknown from November 16 to 23 by participating in the Trek’in Gazelles. Bivouac, compass, looking for beacons, it’s a real human adventure awaiting them!

“We women are talented too.” Their goal for all three is to succeed in this challenge. But why and how did they embark on this adventure? They had heard about Maïenga, the company that creates unique sporting events based in Villeneuve. After setting up the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles in Morocco, about 30 years ago, the event agency Trek’in created Gazelles exclusively for women. The difference with the convention is that it is the “legs” that will be useful, as Stéphanie would say. To find out a little more about this event, Laëtitia takes Ivy on an open day that she had heard about at her job. “We just wanted to find out” launches Laetitia. “And then finally we found ourselves registered!” ending Ivy makes room for an outburst of laughter. “We told Stephanie. We hardly talked to her about it, she said it was good I did, “ the two girlfriends complement each other. In fact, Stéphanie was immediately clear: “I said if we do not do it today, we will never do it.”

“Forward Guingamp! »

“We have no GPS, we have nothing. We have a map, an observation compass and forward Guingamp!” exclaims Ivy. Although the three women like challenges and are used to walking regularly, it remains a terrain that is totally unknown to the trio. “It has nothing to do with what we usually do”, they confirm. “It’s about to get out of our comfort zone” adds Ivy, speaking on behalf of his teammates. We must not forget that in addition to the place, “Trek’in in itself is also an orienteering race, and it’s brand new for the three of us”, adds Stephanie. They will need to place coordinates on a map, calculate distances to find the right routes, which then lead them to beacons. Each beacon found corresponds to € 5 donated to Secours Populaire. The goal is therefore to find as many as possible. “This Trek is a lot of values ​​that speak to us, whether on an individual level, but even collectively”, insists Laetitia. 450 pairs of shoes will be restored for women in Morocco. A humanitarian but also environmental approach: Every day, equipped with a bag, all women in the competition have the mission to collect as much waste as they find on their way. As for the fear of the Trek, Stephanie has only one: “It’s because it’s canceled and we can not go! »

“Live this adventure together”

Three mothers, three different characters and above all a trio. “It’s not a fairy tale that we live alone”, says Stephanie. To participate you need three women, and for these Saint-Laurent women it was obvious that “live this adventure together”. different but “complementary”, Stéphanie, Laëtitia and Ivy are at several points: 39 years or 38 years, 2 children each and inhabitants of Saint-Laurent-des-Arbes for 6, 10 and 11 years. They met through children. Together, they revived the parent association that had not existed for two years. When the decision was made in March last year, they set up the association “Dorcas’elles de Saint-Lau”. “It’s our identity for all three”, explains Laetitia. Then “Saint-Lau” is a nod to their city: “Our life, it’s there”, adds Ivy. For these mothers, this challenge is a unique experience that they will experience “all three to the end”. “We leave together, we return together”, the three women exclaim in a playful tone. Determination, motivation and above all humor: “What Happens on the Trek Stays by the Trek”, they start having fun.

On the financial side …

Tents, shoes, clothes adapted to the climate, expenses for participation in the navigation course, transport … Currently the girls spend around € 6,000. A great investment: “For a good Trek you have to count 9,000 €”specifies Laëtitia.

In order to finance all of this, they are incurring personal expenses while waiting for external financing. All three highly invested, they try by all means to raise funds. “By organizing or participating in demonstrations, we hope to win”, says Stephanie. Laëtitia continues to evoke the deed “prizes, treats with their logo, raffles and even an evening”.

In addition to this effort, they are actively seeking sponsors. For all those who would like to sponsor this trio of trekkers, they undertake to personalize all their communication media with the logo. The company will be highlighted in all the in-demand media during the events, including on all their social networks. This can be simple equipment or financial support. Or more simply, talking about them will allow them to make themselves better known.

Laura Leflamand

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