Seine-et-Marne: she wants justice for her dog, attacked by two Rottweilers

Dogmatix was violently attacked by two Rottweilers in Saint-Pathus. © Sandrine Adam

Sunday, July 3 in Saint-Pathus, daughter of an owner of Dog went his dwarf dachshundDogmatix when it was violently attacked by to rottweilers. The sweet Sunday evening walk turned into a nightmare for the young girl and her friends. Located on the street New houseit was not the two Rottweilers neither in string nor muzzle.

They attacked and “massacred” the dwarf dachshund, unable to defend itself. His injuries are too hardveterinary emergencies have it euthanasia at the request of the owner.

“My daughter was really scared, you better not think about the horror of the scene,” he explained Sandrine Adam, owner of Dogmatix. Reportedly, the scene would last up to three minutes. The man walking the dogs could not hold them back. Arriving at the scene, Sandrine took the dog, seriously injured veterinary emergencies of Meaux. “It was necessary to shorten his ailments. The people around tried to save him, but they could not do anything against the dogs’ strength, “she regrets.

She condemns what could have been avoided

Since the tragedy, Sandrine Adam has been searching for answers about the dogs that attacked her dachshund. The man who walked the two Rottweilers was not the owner, and the two mastiffs were not held in leash or muzzle. “I want to condemn the fact that Category 2 dogs in the city are unpunished without a leash and without a muzzle, and that these Rottweilers pose a danger to humans but also to other pets,” Pathusienne posted on Facebook.

After the incident, she contacted gendarmerie industry to try to lodge a complaint. Gendarmerie from Dammartin arrived at the scene ten minutes later. The day after the attack, at Saint-Soupplet’s gendarmerie, she was informed that her complaint did not “affect the interests of the people”. HAVE Sankt Pathusthe municipal police did not want to inform him about census Rottweilers. It was after a report from Dammartin-en-Goële’s gendarmes who arrived at the scene that she was able to lodge a complaint in Saint-Soupplets.

City Hall can act

Rottweilers are considered dangerous and are therefore classified as category two. They must therefore be insured, wear a muzzle and be kept on a short leash, ”he explains Severine Hatte of the association of Poilus d’Oissery. According to Act of 6 January 1999, a mayor may “prescribe the owner or guardian of this animal to take measures to prevent the danger”. The animals of category 1 and 2 must be registered at City Hall. Following a similar incident in March last year, the mayor of Saint-Mard completely banned dogs without leashes in the city.

Sandrine believes that in Saint-Pathus, the mayor does not act enough in relation to dangerous dogs: “I’m waiting for him to set up something like behavior tests or for the list of identified dogs to be available”. On July 15, City Hall reminded that dog owners should keep them on a leash and that the most dangerous should be mouth-tied.

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Since then, Sandrine has contacted the owners of the dogs, who stated that the dogs were insured, but that they did not understand why the guardian had let them out without a leash or muzzle. “Meanwhile, the two Rottweilers are still free and my daughter and her friends are still in shock,” she testified.

At present, no investigation has been opened. Sandrine does not yet know if the two dogs are registered at City Hall. She believes that Justice is not done. To be heard, she launched a petition and sent testimony to the gendarmerie. “Our dog did not deserve such a brutal and horrible ending,” she concludes.

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