A trip to prehistoric times at the Bourges Natural History Museum

Flint, ocher painting or even an introduction to archeology: Bourge’s Natural History Museum is organizing for the first time, this Wednesday, “the day of prehistory”.

For the occasion, the museum opens its doors, and settles down outside, to offer its visitors a journey through time, towards prehistory. A playful way to make the public aware of the lifestyle of the first men.

“Visitors are also actors”

Several associations are coming to lend a hand to the museum’s staff and bring new ways to interest visitors, regulars or beginners, in the history of mankind.

“We would like to offer more things about the prehistory, it is also an opportunity to open the museum and offer activities where visitors are also actors,” says Céline Faure, who takes care of the entertainment part of the museum.

Experience the mysteries of the underground world with the Solar Majeurs exhibition at the Bourges Natural History Museum

On the program for this day is a prehistoric camp proposed by the association “Inspiration Sauvage” with demonstrations of tanning, basket work as well as the manufacture of flint tools and demonstration of fire making with ancestral means.

A workshop on early artistic practices, with demonstrations of ocher painting but also ceramics, is offered by the City of Bourges for Art and History. Another animation, this time centered on food in prehistory, hosted by the association “Archéotrucs”, allows you to learn a little more about the food practices of our ancestors.

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Children can throw their hands into the sand to uncover bones and fossils that are carefully hidden beforehand.

Members of ArkéoMédia, which organizes dissemination activities in the field of archeology, will also offer an introduction to shooting with propellants. This workshop allows participants to learn how to use this tool, which is especially used for hunting, to increase the launch speed and thus the range or penetration force of a projectile, such as a spear.

The museum also provides its youngest visitors with an archeological digging tray to teach children about collection and excavation techniques. With the help of the establishment’s agents, the children will be able to throw their hands into the sand to uncover bones and fossils that have been carefully hidden beforehand.

premium The aces of the bones reconstruct animal skeletons at the Bourges Museum

Finally, Jean Depont and Alexandra Radix, who are responsible for the museum’s geological collections, present the “expost stand,” which exhibits the various chronocultural sequences documented in Cher. Many archeological objects found in the department are in the spotlight, especially from Sancerrois.

The association “Archaeotrucs” also sells boxes to archaeologist apprentices. These are aimed at 7-12 year olds. They deal with a theme related to the profession of archaeologist or the lifestyle of past civilizations. Each box contains all the material needed to perform an activity to put yourself in the place of a real little archaeologist.

If the heat is too high, the Wellca Coffee truck is present all day and offers smoothies, milkshakes and squeezed fruit juices for sale.

Practice. Bourges Museum – Les Rives d’Auron from 10:00 to 18:00. All public and without reservation, Price € 5, € 3 reduced price, free for children under 6 years

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