Throwback to an immersion trip to Nantes for tech graduates

In April, 18 startups from the Nantes area traveled to Devoxx as a delegation under the banner of the collective A job in Nantes #Tech. During this major technology and innovation event, these young companies were able to meet a lot of talent, some of whom made no secret of their desire to leave the Paris region.

Thus, after the conversations started during Devoxx, which took place in Paris, around thirty people (senior tech profiles) were invited to come and discover Nantes for a weekend… Guided by the startups, the candidates could project themselves into their future workplace and life.

Purpose: to provide an overview of the ecosystem and the quality of life in Nantes

Designed to showcase the richness of Nantes’ digital ecosystem and highlight the region’s assets, the program for this Learning expedition (Learnex) was charged to guests. “They were only able to make one more passage Web2Day : it was important to show that national and international events take place in Nantes on the themes of technology” says Éléonore Bocquet, Talent Acquisition Manager at Gens de Confiance, a classifieds platform for individuals and professionals available by referral.

Next, the guests and participating startups were divided into small groups. “First I was able to have lunch with a first group, then share a coffee at Hangar à Banane with another group and have a snack at La Cigale, Place Graslin with a last one” explains Julien Le Guennec, Tech Manager at Stampyt, a suite of applications for automotive professionals that help them market their products.

The participants could then meet for dinner together and continue the discussion: “the opportunity to exchange more with the people with whom the flow had gone well or those with whom I had not yet been able to discuss” he clarifies. Finally, the next day, the graduates were able to explore the center of Nantes through a guided tour and set off to discover the vineyards of Nantes.

Credit: Valéry Joncheray

Meet the recruiting needs of start-ups

Learnex is an initiative that is perceived very well by these startups, which have significant recruitment needs in terms of tech and IT profiles, which are particularly sought after in the market. “We have about ten vacancies: R&D technician, engineer, full stack developer, DevOps, data… I wanted to spend time with the candidates to take the temperature, understand their mobility needs” says Luis Da Silva, CEO of D-Vine, a wine distributor for professionals who designed a machine capable of serving wine at the perfect temperature.

Same story on Stampyt: “We are currently recruiting a frontend developer, Scala backend developer, QA testers” announces Clémence Jaunet, HR Manager. On the site of People of Confid, “we want to recruit 30 people in 2022: engineering managers, software engineer frontend, backend, data engineer or even senior product manager” list Éléonore Bocquet. “It is a challenge because these profiles are scarce, especially seniors”, she clarifies.

Many talents currently have a professional and family mobility project: this is the case for all participants in this Learnex. “In Nantes, the startup and digital ecosystem is particularly rich, everything is done to make people feel comfortable, there are many opportunities to be seized: all that remains is to convince candidates to come.” summarizes Luis Da Silva (D-Vine).

To do this, Nantes startups and Un Job à Nantes #Tech have therefore decided to play together to promote the territory and its many assets by organizing this first Learnex. “2 years ago I was in the exact same situation as these candidates: I would love to be able to benefit from a similar experience!” says Julien Le Guennec (Stampyt). “I am a former Parisian and I was very well received in Nantes, I want to share this experience with graduates who are looking for mobility and maintain the tradition of hospitality, which is very important in the West.” adds Éléonore Bocquet (People of Confidence).

A very positive result

The guests especially appreciated this weekend in Nantes territory. “I spoke to several guests who were happy with the experience. Many did not know Nantes and could get a very good overview of it in a very short time.” explains Julien Le Guennec (Stampyt).

Far removed from traditional job dating, this immersion trip allowed candidates to approach their job search from a different angle. “Usually, tech and IT profiles look above all for a technical environment. Here they were able to take things from a different angle and realize the potential of the city of Nantes, its living environment” analyzes Luis Da Silva (D-Vine).

This innovative initiative did not fail to seduce the thirty people invited to this personal visit. “They were amazed by the space, the air, the greenery and were impressed by the collective dimension of our ecosystem, first during Devoxx, then during these 2 days spent together.” testifies Éléonore Bocquet (People of Confidence).

This weekend also gave startups the opportunity to “match” with some guests. “We are in dialogue with some candidates. The profiles were very different and the contacts very interesting” says Julien Le Guennec (Stampyt). The same applies to Éléonore Bocquet (People of Confidence): “I was able to schedule exchanges with certain candidates. Another interesting aspect is that this remarkable experience is spread in the entourage and network of talents.”.

Learnex therefore agrees, both among graduates and startups, who already see this experience repeated in the near future. Several recruitment processes are underway thanks to this operation, between candidates and participating companies. A new edition soon?

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