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To recharge your batteries, reduce your carbon footprint, reconnect with nature or even admire the treasures it abounds, an environmentally responsible tour is an excellent alternative. For your greatest pleasure, there is no shortage of activity ideas.

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Whether you prefer an immersion in the animal world, a moment of discovery of historical sites or another authentic activity, green tourism is the guarantee of living unique and healthy experiences. Find all our useful ideas for organizing your green holidays here!

Find booking sites to facilitate your visits

No matter what type of trip you’re planning, you can make your life easier by going through booking pages. In fact, booking allows you to secure the opportunity to participate in an activity, especially if it is a matter of visiting a picturesque place. In addition, you save time by going through a booking page. It is actually easier for you to find the activities that fall within the scope of your travel plans. In addition, you can find out about testimonials available on the websites to find the best activities.

To organize your “green” trip, we advise you to visit the ticket reservation page to also take advantage of your responsible tourism at more favorable prices. More and more booking sites offer offers for activities to satisfy all wishes. So if you don’t yet have a precise idea of ​​the green activities you can do, the suggested ideas on the websites will surely inspire you.

Try a whale watching excursion

Are you fascinated by sea animals? Treat yourself to a moment of happiness, accompanied by your guides, for an immersion in the world of whales. From giant blue whales to humpback whales that pass the gray, these unique mammals in the world has something to arouse the interest of both young and old.

A whale watching tour is an opportunity to admire these animals as you have never seen them before and to experience moments rich in emotions. Whales are unusual creatures from any point of view. If they are already fascinating in photos or in magazines, imagine the effect of seeing them up close and in real life! You will be able to hear the song of the whales, watch them move, emerge from the water and dive back into it. There is no doubt that you will be captivated by their size and their majestic appearance. Living an adventure closer to these now protected animals remains a very eco-responsible way to explore the world and have fun.

As the marine population is rich and varied, you can even spot other animals alongside the whales and take some incredible photos. Join the ranks of these millions of people who do not hesitate to travel to realize their dream to admire the giants of these seas.

Kayak with the dolphins during your environmentally responsible stay

Dolphins are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sea animals. For a greener trip that fulfills you, we recommend sea kayaking. For more sensations, opt for sea kayaking sessions in the company of dolphins.

Whether you are athletic or not, a session with dolphins will remain an unforgettable experience. You will have the opportunity to meet different species of dolphins and appreciate them in their natural environment. For a moment you can get close to these sociable animals and experience the joy of freedom on the water with them.

In addition, a session kayaking with dolphins will only have beneficial effects for you. You will be good for your body and mind. These unique moments will surely remain etched in your memory for a long time.

Experience waterfalls and hot springs at Batu Caves

Do you dream of history and discovery? We recommend a private excursion to the Batu Caves in Malaysia, which will make you forget about the usual guided group tours. Accompanied by a local guide, you will discover the history of this magnificent and mythical place located in Kuala Lumpur. During your excursion, you will realize that this place is really worth a detour.

Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

The Batu Caves are home to breathtaking scenery as they are magnificent. From the impressive statue of the Hindu god, access the cathedral cave by the staircase of more than 200 steps and discover the fauna and wonders of this place. The Batu Caves are one cultural and religious symbol of Malaysia.

During your walk, you will have the opportunity to enjoy yourself at the caves’ hot springs for a moment of relaxation. Above all, don’t forget your camera to benefit from your guaranteed CO2-neutral excursion, personalized according to your wishes. At the end of your private Batu Caves tour, you will undoubtedly want to go back and deny the phrase “once in a lifetime”.

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