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This year and for the first time, Vaujany is hosting the “Images et Nature” festival.

For 5 days, the Isère resort will be the scene of all kinds of entertainment: film concerts, documentaries, photo or canvas exhibitions, photo or make-up workshops for children or even shadow shows and even concerts. Organized by Kulturpolen, the festival will give everyone the opportunity to dive into the environment that surrounds us through several disciplines and discoveries. Everything is well thought out, so that young and old can join in and take advantage of the festivities to learn a little more!



During the festival you can discover the works of two local artists: Guillaume Collombet and Emilie Basset, photographer for one and painter for the other.

Emilie will exhibit her paintings during the festival and will allow everyone to discover her mastered gesture on her sumptuous transcriptions of the landscapes of Oisans.


Guillaume Collombet exhibition

Guillaume COLLOMBET, originally from the Alps, is a photographer and documentary filmmaker. He is also the author of the book “Snow, a touch of life through the winter”. Through his job, he independently shares his search for the image of nature. Far from classic clichés, he appreciates artistic research and originality. May these images bear witness to the fragility of wildlife and immerse the public in the emotions experienced at the time of the recording.

The exhibition is to be discovered in July and August 2022 at the Kulturcentret


For both adults and children, the festival will be full of shows during these five days. Acoustic concert La Jarry, “If you weren’t there? » from Cie dos mundos al-arte or shows from Compagnie des Dryades there is something for everyone!


Compagnie Dryades – Shadow shows

Show “In the Forest”

“The forest, because it is wild (at least still a little). The forest, because there are funny stories there. The Forest: The Wolf’s Lair, The Bandits’ Lair, The Secret of the Shadows! You will be told how the night came into the world, how you can defeat villains even when you are very young.

We will tell you about … a piece of forest. »

Enjoy this sweet story for 45 minutes, children are welcome from 4 years.


Four documentaries will be screened at the festival: “Le Bel opportuniste” and “Le Clan des Marmottes” by Lapied, “In harmony with the snow panther” by Frédéric Larrey and finally “Ibex, in the footsteps of the capricorn” by Guillaume Collombet. These four suspended moments will be discovered each evening and will open with a moment of discussion at the end of the projection about the fauna to be observed and protected.


Documentary – The Groundhog Clan – by Lapied

With its full silhouette and its comical attitudes, the marmot is one of the most representative and friendly animals in our mountains. The film tells the story of a young man’s life over four years. Vigilant, rebellious, united, cunning and greedy, he will become the dominant of the clan. He will have to leave his family and thwart the attacks of the fox, the eagle and the wolf. Prey, predators, forces of nature, opulent and sometimes hostile mountains… Among the most beautiful flower meadows in the world, the journey begins…

Cine-concert – The Emperor’s March

Luc Jacquet’s famous film “The Emperor’s March” set to music by the group “The French Bastards”.

The French Bastards play with the codes of jazz and film music and integrate the hectic rhythms of the jungle and electro.

Their universe evokes soundtracks from imaginary films, cinema moments in the collective unconscious: the love theme in a love scene, the anxiety of a chase, the flights in wide open spaces, the frantic tension of ‘a thriller… Pieces like sketches where improvisation comes from time to the second to burn the roll of an old neighborhood cinema film.

Their life is a journey that rises crescendo until the revelation of an uncontrollable energy.


To each their own workshop!

Several workshops will be offered to discover the surroundings. Adults will be able to focus on a photography workshop while the children will enjoy a make-up workshop.

For photography lovers, meet every day, morning and afternoon to capture the most beautiful surrounding landscapes in a warm atmosphere between generations.


Make-up workshops for children

During the festival, three make-up workshops will be offered to children by the Cultural Centre’s agents. Butterflies, flowers, tigers, fairies or even ladybugs, all will take their inspiration and stroll through the streets!

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