Dream, discover, learn in the middle of nature! Colo 6 – 12 years – Saint Laurent de Cerdans Domaine le Noell, 22 August 2022, Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans.

Dream, discover, learn in the middle of nature! Colo 6 – 12 years – Saint Laurent de Cerdans 22 – 28 August Domaine le Noell
as part of the “learning colonies” operation of the Ministry of National Education.

Domaine le Noell 66260 Saint Laurent de Cerdans Saint-Laurent-de-Cerdans 66260 Pyrénées-Orientales Occitanie

Within 3MTKD Sport Culture Social we are aware of the importance of moments of socialization outside the private sphere. The right to holiday for all is a fundamental right, by promoting its access we respond to it. Through our daily actions, our audience, mainly from QPV in Montpellier, can now access this right.

In the heart of the green valley of the Pyrénées Orientales, in the middle of a 50-hectare forest, 2 km from the Spanish border, Domaine du Noell, an approved youth and sports facility, offers a unique setting conducive to receiving groups. .
In an old farm, converted into a holiday center, this area meets the needs of young people looking for discovery and a change of scenery.

In this orientation, we want to establish a quality stay for 120 young people aged 6 to 12 years.

This residency should also be a means of raising awareness among our public about the problems of hyper-connectivity by considering it in terms of a “digital detox” regimen.

In the continuity of our educational project, equal access and opportunities are one of our most important goals. To combat gender inequalities, we will establish equality so that there will be 60 boys and 60 girls. Our animation team will be mixed to continue our goal, the fight against inequalities.
Within our stay, 3MTKD promotes the integration of children with disabilities. We are aware of the needs and expectations of parents of children with disabilities: to be able to benefit from leisure activities for their children. Welcoming a child with a disability represents an opportunity to address educational values ​​and bring them to life in a redesigned mode of operation. When a child with a disability is welcomed, it is necessary to think about the adaptations that the animation team will be able to initiate, so that the child’s arrival takes place under satisfactory and reassuring conditions for him and the child. From an emotional and technical point of view, many skills are implemented in our teams to welcome these children.
As a result, we have chosen to use 15 qualified facilitators, three of whom specialize in supporting young people with disabilities. This animation team complements the management team and the other subjects necessary for the stays to function properly. The management team consists of a director and a deputy director. A housekeeper, a cook, a kitchen assistant, a cleaning assistant, a psychologist and a nurse are also part of the team.
The role of the kitchen professional will be to ensure the preparation of the meals and to encourage young people to participate in the preparation of the menus. This initiation will give young people the opportunity to learn how to prepare simple, good and quick recipes for a balanced, healthy and varied diet. An approach that seems important to us in relation to the increasing number of young people who are affected by problems with obesity or overweight, a real public health problem.
In total, more than 20 professionals will guarantee the supervision and safety of the group. Around daily life, young people will, in turn, be involved in the distribution of domestic duties.
This residency will be a space for education, empowerment, empowerment and socialization. The goals that we will define together will allow our public to express their expectations and define their boundaries.
Undoubtedly, the consideration of each young person’s words, in his singularity, will be articulated in this collective dimension.
In the desire to support young people in their educational project, we want to set up an “educational colony”. The goal is to carry out an upgrade after the delay that occurred during the closure of their school during the lockdown. The young people study in the late afternoon, when the various subjects have gaps.

Young people will benefit from activities such as hiking, orienteering, archery, mountain biking, volleyball, theater or even innovative digital projects to introduce them to the digital world, raise awareness and prevent good or bad use of the digital tool.
In addition, we want to promote access to culture with the establishment of thematic activity around the history of the place, the heritage present in the surroundings and the establishment of artistic or musical activity.

We establish so-called “learning activities”. These are activities that allow children to develop learning methods or develop transferable skills in the school environment.

This holiday stay, lasting 7 days and 6 nights, worth €800 per child includes accommodation, meals, travel and activities.

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