Go on holiday with a light heart thanks to these super practical travel bags

There are many types travel bags on the market, why it is the choice deserves reflection. While some are more suitable for traveling by planeothers are more suitable for an excursion train or i bus.

How do you choose your travel bag?

It exists several parameters to take into account when deciding to buy a travel bag. The first question to ask is still to know what type of journey we are talking about.

When traveling in planemust be the bag according to dimensions allowed by the airline, as opposed to a car trip, which of course guarantees more flexibility in relation to the size and weight of the bag.

Another element to keep in mind, people who leave their homes during longer time will not leave in the same way as those who plan to leave only for the weekend and therefore travel light.

Therefore, it is important to dwell on the type of trip you are going on. As part of a business trip, no need to explain that you should logically choose a bag that is both practical and elegant. In a completely different context, a departure i weekend by the sea will require having a lighter and more comfortable bag available.

The best travel bags are the ones that are practice, comfortable and spacious. They should be too light so as not to slow you down while on the go.

It is therefore strongly recommended to take the time to compare their specifics before going through the final purchase box!

What size should you choose for a travel bag?

Another basic point: take into account cut of the bag.

Depending on amount of personal property you want to board with you, the amplitude of your travel bag will vary.

Frequent travelers or occasional travelers, we all need a travel bag to leave with complete peace of mind. But what is the ideal capacity?

The first thing to consider is how often you travel. If you go to a long period, you definitely need a bigger and more spacious bag. In this case, they prefer models of 40 to 50 liters, or even more if you need specific equipment, such as during a hike. They’re perfect for holding all your stuff, even if you’re a little overcrowded.

On the other hand, if you are traveling for a shorter stay, typically a departure in weekenda bag with 30 liters will be perfect. It’s roomy enough to hold everything you need without being too bulky.

Which travel bag should you have for 15 days?

An alliance between resistance, lightness and easy maintenance, that’s how we could sum up this Eastpak travel bag. If so many of us have spent most of our school days with an American brand backpack on our shoulders, it is not for nothing.

What has marked us all is theirs ability to cross the ages without being exposed to wear and tear, despite the permanent weight imposed by our books, notebooks and other school supplies.

For one short trip, Standen + will fulfill its mission without any complications. A special pocket for valuables, reinforced carrying handles, a front pocket with closure, these few features will make it an important ally.

Its peculiarity is that it can also be used on other occasions, as in the case of practicing a sporting activity requires a large number of equipment, e.g.

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Eastpak travel bag – €70.36

What type of bag for the plane?

For flights, choose a travel bag light and compact. In fact, you will be limited in terms of weight and size for your luggage. It is therefore preferable to prioritize backpack or small travel bags.

You must also choose a bag in which it is easy to store all your belongings, ideally equipped with room, which allows you to better organize the layout of your belongings. Finally, don’t forget to choose a bag comfortable to wear, which will relieve your shoulders.

If you often travel by plane, choose bags specially designed for it computers laptops and tablets. These compartments guarantee optimal protection of your electronic devices in case of shock.

Flight cabin travel backpack Inateck – €69.99 Darty

Large travel bag: The North Face will be your best ally

For those who haven’t connected yet, The North Face refers to the coldest but also the most dangerous side of one mountain : its north side.

About climbing and Trek was originally its core objective, the manufacture of clothing and mountaineering equipment is no longer the only sector in which the brand is established.

If there really is a point at which The North Face absolutely do not want to deviate from the rule, it is good to cultivate expertise in terms of creation, to stay in line with the DNA of the brand whose motto is Never stop exploring.

An incentive to travel that takes on its full meaning when you take a closer look Across from Base Camp Duffelwhich stands out for its generosity in terms of free space, as it has a spacious volume on it 71 L.

In addition, its many practical functions such as straps compression modular structureits transformation into backpack according to your wishes or the presence of a pocket adapted to wet clothes or dirty shoes is much appreciated.

North Face Base Camp Duffel Travel Bag – €135

Leather travel bag: a long-term investment

There are several reasons why you should consider buying a leather travel bag.

First, because leather is an extreme sustainable and resistantalmost impossible to tear.

Besides that, his cleaning as well as his maintenance are very simple, which is ideal if you travel often and don’t want to worry about the condition of your bag.

Finally, leather adds a touch of luxury and style to any journey. For one business triphaving one on hand is a blessing.

Doctor Bag vintage leather travel bag – €159.90 Fnac

Cheap travel bag: Dakine takes care of everything

Now that presentations are more or less done with travel bags, you might as well go through the box profitability.

To illustrate this aspect, what better than this model Dakine EQ Duffle which will only cost you €40 despite its many advantages, starting with its removable padded canvas shoulder straps.

Dakine EQ Duffle Travel Bag – €39.99

What size bag for a weekend trip?

As said before, it is imperative to determine the size of the bag in relation to the number of planned travel days. For a weekend, a small or medium-sized bag will be more than enough, the capacity of which can vary from 20 to 40 liters depending on your needs.

It is clear Kipling wanted to satisfy the followers of weekends away from home with this travel bag ergonomics calculated to the nearest centimeter.

Of room in abundance, a key detector, the possibility to carry it with its two handles or as a backpack… everything has been thought out so that it is the organization which takes precedence.

People who like the storage of their belongings to be structured will be happy to use Basic Devin Weekender.

Moreover, contrary to what one would think, his internal volume is not missing, and you can store all your tools without having to make an effort.

kipling Basic Devin Weekender – €87.40

How do you organize your travel bag?

It is important to organize your travel bag before departure, so as not to forget anything at home!

Do first A list everything you need.

So take the time to neatly fold and store all your belongings in the bag, using the available space in a consistent and thoughtful way. The last will then only be easier to carryyou save space by respecting a strict organization regarding your personal belongings.

A good travel bag must have room at his disposal, to be able to find his way around. In addition, it is also important to put the heaviest things at the bottom of the bag so as not to get too tired during the trip. Also remember to check that closing device is solid, because all your belongings must be well protected.

Finally, don’t forget to put labels on your bag with your details as this gesture can be very valuable in case of loss.

A small tip for road trips, it is highly recommended to use a bag that can be attached to the seat belt, as this ensures that your bag does not tip over during the journey.

16.7% of the French prepare their bags just a few hours before departure!

The summer holidays have started and the preparation of our travel bags and our suitcases is, according to the survey carried out by start-up Nannybag, a source of stress for 25% of the French. Stress that results in the time we spend packing, between 1 and 3 hours for more than half of the inhabitants of France (58%).

If your vacation involves taking a flight, be aware that 54% of us occasionally exceed the weight limit at check-in! A shame, since we (58%) don’t have to wear it not even half the clothes brought to our holiday.

*According to figures from the summer 2022 survey by start-up Nannybag

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