Onirika, the adventure park in the heart of nature in Cantal

“It’s a bit of a test year for us”. Claire Hamelin is the operator and manager of the site, which opened last year. But in its second year of operation, Onirika Park has benefited from new developments. “Last year we were in the cross-country rooms”, explains Claire Hamelin, pointing to the car park below, on the other side of the RD12, which goes from Puy Mary to Falgoux, at a place called “The Water Bridge”. ”.

But since last year, the development work has anchored the park in the landscape. And in particular the entire reception area, with brand new wooden buildings. But the treasure in this park like no other is nature. That he exploits without harming it.

The treasure in this park is nature

The park thus offers several activities: Tree climbing with six courses of different levels (including one for initiation), which has a total of 72 workshops. For Claire Hamelin, “the red is the most technical, but the most pleasant is the orange, which runs along the river of Mars”; an Arbofilets©, an area of ​​500 m² with nets strung between the trees is particularly appreciated by small children; The Goufals path, between art and education, to discover the riches of the forest; an Explor’Games®, created by Atelier nature invites you to go on an adventure and save the Goufal people; finally, it is also possible to rent mountain bikes with electric assistance. And the reception buildings have space to eat and quench your thirst between two activities, but also a shop corner that offers local products.

Wanted by the elected representatives of the Pays de Salers, the park is managed by the company Arboricorde via a public service delegation for five years. A company based in Clermont-Ferrand, led by Jean Combes and Morgan Fumoux, which already has two parks to its credit: the Yole adventure park in Valras-Plage (Hérault) and the Clic’Lac adventure park in Chemillé-sur-Indrois, close to Tours (Indre-et-Loire). Onirika is therefore their third creation.

Onirika Park, the water bridge at Falgoux. Reservation on the website www.onirika.com. The park is open daily in July and August from 10am to 7pm. Available from 3 years.

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For the Pays de Salers, which is the starting point of the project to “complete the leisure and nature offer”, the park faces several challenges: a social challenge by offering leisure accessible to everyone, regardless of age and physical condition, an educational issue, introducing the world of forests and raise awareness of environmental issues, young and old, an ecological issue by developing the site with respect for its environment and finally an economic issue to consolidate and maintain commercial activities in the valley.

The costs of the operation amount to EUR 503,779 excl. VAT, subsidized 40% by European EAFRD funds (201,511 EUR), 20% by the AuRA region (100,755 EUR) and 20% by the Department (100,755 EUR). The share of self-financing is therefore 20%. In addition, the land was made available free of charge to the Pays de Salers by the municipality of Falgoux, which also partially paid (27% or €51,454) the work to extend the drinking water supply network on the site.

Bruno Serge Leroy

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