Summer holiday 2022: Here are the good reasons to go on a trip to Charente-Maritime this summer!

Discover without delay what you should not miss if you plan to go on holiday in Charente-Maritime! The details!

Do you want to spend your future holiday in Charente-Maritime at an Île d’Oléron campsite? You are not the only ones! You should know that this flagship destination was ranked in 2015 as the best destination for French people (outside Paris).

And this after registering more than 34 million visits this year alone! In this article, we will give you the main good reasons to visit this cult address this summer.

Summer holidays in Charente-Maritime: what are its advantages?

As we told you, this is a cult address for the French. But nothing surprising when you know that Charente-Maritime has the most beautiful landscapes of France. Yes, whether on its coast, in its maritime marshes, its vineyards and its forest massifs. Your summer vacation promises to be the most sparkling by choosing it as your travel destination!

And we have not yet talked about its historical and cultural heritage as rich as it is varied. So what to do? What to discover in Charente-Maritime apart from the famous Ile d’Oléron? To start, come and visit its old harbor as well as its famous symbolic towers. This place will then meet the expectations of fans of historical holidays!

You can also enjoy a walk through the streets to discover its architecture and its shops. And if you feel tired from the travels. Take a short break and enjoy an ice cream at “Ernest le glacier”. Thus, you will feel well hydrated and refreshed to continue the discovery of this beautiful holiday destination that is Charente-Maritime!

By the way, don’t forget to visit the aquarium. Charente-Maritime also hasone of the largest in Europe. This must see place will also be an ideal address for school holidays. After your visit, you can board among the sailboats that lie at the port of Les Minimes.

These destinations are not to be missed when you go on a trip to Charente-Maritime

L’The island of Re located near La Rochelle. Come and experience its typical villages such as La Flotte en Ré and Ars en Ré. For information, know that these are classified among the most beautiful villages in France. Give yourself the advantage of discovering them by choosing Charente-Maritime as your holiday destination.

Spend the holidays in Charente-Maritime without taking another trip Rochefort is a big loss. The town of Rochefort invites you on a maritime journey, where there is an air of adventure and distant horizons. A sublime experience that you must experience at least once in your life.

Rochefort is an acclaimed spa resort that opens a door to the Charente estuary, spanned by the very last transport bridge in France. It is also abouta city of art and history which was chosen by Colbert to become the largest military arsenal in the kingdom. Go on holiday in Charente-Maritime to discover all the events!

Home port of the famous Hermione, the most athletic will spend a timeless moment there testing the grip mats. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to discover the Corderie Royale. Pierre Loti’s house will also be a good source of motivation that makes you want to travel. This is a municipal museum located in the historic heart of Rochefort!

Holidays: these charming islands of Charente-Maritime!

Do you want nature and quiet walks? And especially not to cross cars on your way? These two small islands of undeniable wild charm, where cyclists and pedestrians are kings. It is Ile d’Aix and Ile Madame. A 20-minute boat ride from Fouras will transport you to these iconic holiday destinations where nature is preserved.

The smallest island in Charente-Maritime, you will only have access to Île Madameat low tide. You take the “beef pass”, but be aware of the tide times. Once there, you can stroll around Lille l’île, enjoy a fishing trip or visit the fish farm. A busy summer vacation in terms of summer activity! In addition, “Royan” is also not to be missed. This seaside resort on the beauty coast will seduce you with its beaches and its architecture from the 1950s. You will discover the Notre-Dame church, the central market and its convention center.

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