Top 10 dogs with the most subscribers?

“Petfluencers”, “dogfluencers” or even “instapets” influencer dogs are a hit on social networks. But who are the dogs with the most followers on Instagram?

Dogs, cats, hedgehogs, ducks, sheep… stars in their own right, animals make the heyday of social networks. But who are the most followed dogs on Instagram?

Who are the dogs with the most followers on Instagram?

  1. Jiffpom – 9.7 million subscribers
  2. Doug The Pug – 3.7 million subscribers
  3. Marutaro – 2.4 million subscribers
  4. Bulldog bulldozers – 2.1 million subscribers
  5. Tuna – 2M subscribers
  6. Maya the Samoyed – 1.9 million subscribers
  7. The wolf dog Loki – 1.9 million subscribers
  8. Harlow – 1.6 million subscribers
  9. Clothes – 1.6 million subscribers
  10. Thiswildidea – 1.3 million subscribers

Top 10 most followed dogs on Instagram

1 – jiff pom

9.7 million followers – @jiffpom

Jiffpom is the most followed dog on Instagram. With nearly 10 million followers, the Pomeranian is a three-time Guinness World Record holder. To top it all off, he starred in Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” music video.

© @jiffpom

2 – Doug the pug

3.7 million subscribers – @itsdougthepug

This adorable pug has twice won the audience award. His subscribers can follow him on his travels around the world. Its owners have launched a non-profit association, the Doug the Pug Foundationwhose mission is “to bring joy and support to children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses”.

© @itsdougthepug

3-Shinjiro Ono

2.4 million subscribers – @marutaro

A real star of Japan Maru is a happy 8-year-old dog. Impossible not to fall for this Shiba with its plush look. We can follow him sleeping (often with stuffed animals), sulking, having fun, playing, washing and even posing. The little ball of fur has already appeared in the magazine Vogue girl with his white collar and black bow tie.

© @Shinjiro Ono

4 – Bulldog Blogger

2.1 million followers – @tecuaniventura

This charming Bulldog is very famous in Russia. His owner, a fan of pop culture, has fun dressing him up in costumes ranging from the Wild West to the Wookiee style.

© @tecuaniventura

5 – Tuna

2M followers – @tunameltsmyheart

Tun is an adorable chiweenie (chihuahua and dachshund mix). With his bared teeth, retracted jaw and wrinkled neck, he already has a number of calendars, a biography or even the title of ambassador for banned dogs on his list. Tuna was picked up by his master on a highway in 2010 and also has a page account (@travelingtuna) documenting his travels.

© @tunameltsmyheart

6 – The Maya Samoyed

1.9 million subscribers – @mayapolarbear

Pretty white floss, Maya looks like a polar bear, hence her nickname maja polar bear. Maya also has a YouTube channel which has 1.85 million subscribers. In addition to being a real foodie, this German Samoyed loves to play, walk, pose for pictures and even learn new tricks.

© @mayapolarbear

7 – Wolfhound Loki

1.9 million followers – @loki

A husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix, Loki started off-trail snowboarding at four months old and by his third birthday had toured most of the western United States.

© @loki

8 – Harlow

1.6 million followers – @harlowandsage

If this account initially recounted the lives of two puppies Harlow and Sage, the latter unfortunately died. But since then the family has grown, and Harlow has made 4 new friends: Indiana, Reese, Ezra and Mae.

© @harlowandsage

9 – Get dressed

1.6 million followers – @ppteamkler

Kler, aka “sausage” is a very popular dachshund. We also find him on Twitter, where he tells his adventures to his 800,000 subscribers.

© @ppteamkler

10 – @TheronHumphrey

1.3 million followers – @Thiswildidea

Found in a shelter by photographer Theron Humphrey, Maddie, of the Coonhound breed, now accompanies him on all his travels. The name of the account “This Wild Idea” comes from the project the photographer was working on when he met his now faithful friend.

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