Fortnite completes its 5-year journey, Battle Royale fans share mixed reactions

Fortnite: Battle Royale games have pretty much taken over the gaming industry. Some of these titles have been around for a while, while others are relatively new and trying to find a place in the community. Most popular for the Battle Royale title, Fortnite has been entertaining gamers for a few years. Fortnite has now completed five years of its journey. It certainly wasn’t an easy start, but with Epic Games’ constant content updates, it’s one of the most played titles of late.

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Fortnite has a progressive story and action circles around how it progresses. The progressive aspect often forced the developers to update the content. While some of these content updates have been overwhelmingly positive in the community, others have been viewed very poorly. As Fortnite celebrates its fifth anniversary, it’s also important to see how the community has responded.

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Fortnite: how the community reacted to the game’s fifth anniversary

Epic Games released Fortnite with the Save the World segment on July 25, 2017. The Battle Royale aspect was added a few months later. Although the title is popular for battle royale, the community is marking its anniversary when it was originally released.

The Fortnite community is known for being extremely vocal. With the fifth anniversary in tow, the community had a mixed response to the title.

Some community members left amazing positive messages for the game, while others remembered the memories they had with their friends.

Although Fortnite received warm and heartfelt wishes, it also faced harsh criticism from a few members. Over the years, Epic Games has introduced several new aspects to the game. Cooperation has also increased in recent years. While the number of sweats in the game has also increased exponentially. All these factors often leave a negative impression on the players. That is why some of them have decided to open up.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently in Chapter 3 Season 3 where players are “Vibin” with a summer theme. The Save the World segment is still an integral part of the game, but only a certain portion of players play it.

To complete five years and remain one of the popular games is truly an achievement. Epic Games and Fortnite managed to do this easily. Hopefully the developers will continue their good work in the years to come.

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