A land of trail running, Creuse is a real gold mine for running enthusiasts

There are the most serious, the most playful, the flat races, those with a large height difference, the short distances or the big ones: Creuse is a department rich in trails and races outside the stadium.
Contrary to popular belief, a trail is not necessarily driven over daunting heights or distances. What really counts is the experience through the crossed landscape and sharing between the athlete and nature.
And there are beautiful landscapes in Creuse, which is also the reason why the various associations in the area did not wait for trail running to become modern to start their races through paths and forests.
The Creuse races always produce the expected “wow” effect, and many runners make the trip to come and enjoy the scenery, such as at Pierres jaumâtres on the Vieilles-pierres race, or to admire the magnificent view of the passage of the viaduct. by Glenic. Or even in the Monts de Guéret, sometimes covered with snow at the time of the path du Loup Blanc.Trail of the White Wolf, 2nd of the 50

Of course there are those who will come looking for a result, we must not forget that it is still racing. But there are also sports enthusiasts who also come to enjoy the moment and why not enjoy a good potato pâté on the steps of Saint-Marc-à-Loubaud, or even try the Moutonnades adventure and taste the famous mutton balls.
There are those who come to try their hand at a first race, those who have raced all editions and know the route inside out, but also those who come to have fun, to bury their lives as young boy as in the scarecrow, the race offered by Ufolep on Halloween where you run much faster chased by a ghost or a witch?!
And then a little romance, Aubusson puts lovers in the spotlight with its Valentine’s Day trail.Track of the white wolf 2021

The Creuse races offer varied distances ranging from 5 kilometers to a marathon trail of 42 kilometers, solo or in teams.
The latter can also serve as preparation for greater distances, for more experienced athletes: these gladiators who can swallow 10 kilometers of steep paths and root-filled paths for breakfast or after work, every other day.
These athletes are those who run marathon trails with large climbs or those who will set off on ultra trails, covering huge distances over several days of competition.
These running aliens push their limits with every race, and again, the important thing is often not to come out on top, but to finish.
These distances create the mind and you have to know how to grit your teeth to become a finisher, so much so that sometimes it is nature that is in awe of the athlete and no longer the opposite.
Trail running is therefore made for everyone, and can be practiced anywhere and at any time. All you have to do is choose your playground.

Sébastien Parayre: “You have to respect your body to last”

The Sebastien Parayre trail

The trail specialist, Creusois Sébastien Parayre, fell into it by chance ten years ago and learned to listen to his body to continue pursuing his passion.
Guérétois started running to talk, and very quickly followed up with a first race ten years ago now.
Today it has become more than a passion for this runner who collects good results in local races.
He even created an association that gathers several members in search of results in national races: Team Trail des Monts de Guéret.
And be careful, no question about doing anything. Creusois is aware of this, to be in good shape you need to structure your calendar: “It is important to listen to your body and respect the recovery times after the races to keep up in this sport. I always allow myself a fortnight of rest after a big race. »
The runner from Guéré has a fondness for marathon trails: “What interests me in this sport is endurance, I like big drops. One of my favorite races to date is the trail du Sancy. »
To refine his preparation, Creusois not only runs: “The older we get, the more it is in our interest to do muscle building. I also swim and cycle to vary the pleasure. In general, the week before a 40 kilometer race, I run 4 to 5 runs to accumulate about sixty kilometers in all. »

Creusois, Philippe Thuret came to the end of the 175 kilometers of the ultramarine

Philippe THURET Ultratrail the ultramarine

Philippe Thuret, organizer of the Foulées du lavoir, in Domeyrot, on August 15, has just completed his first ultra track in the Gulf of Morbihan.
The Creuse runner, a marathon specialist with 123 goals, had set himself the challenge of running a very long distance one day, it’s done.
On July 1, he was at the start of the ultra-marine race, 175 kilometers around the Gulf of Morbihan with more than 1,400 meters of altitude.
What decided him to take the plunge, the taste for challenge, running and: “The beauty of the landscape of the Gulf of Morbihan, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. »
Before the departure, Creusois prepared seriously: “We had to train for kilometers at a low speed, I forced myself to run between seven and eight minutes per kilometer. »
He also had to learn how to control his sleep, and Philippe Thuret admits that was his biggest fear before he left.
Once the start was given, the race was not easy for Creusois, who was running with a friend: He managed to sleep only 30 minutes between start and finish.
From kilometer 16, it was necessary to put on paddle shoes to pass a sector at high tide to avoid chafing and blisters.
The duo also had to face the cold at night, but that did not slow their progress. They arrived at the crossing point where they were to take the boat at dawn with 1.30 in advance. Halfway, at that point, all will go well until kilometer 120, when Creusois, after a stop to try to rest, will need an iron mind to start again and finish the competition.
Happiness, which he will reach, completely exhausted, after 33 hours and 6 minutes of running.
When he finished, Philippe Thuret said to himself “Never again”, but when he looks back, he already dreams of returning.

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