Bruno Maltor, famous travel blogger, is in Livradois-Forez (Puy-de-Dôme) to discover the territory’s gems

In his Instagram “stories” followed by 370,000 people, it is neither the Taj Mahal nor the streets of New York that have been shown for a few days, but the landscapes of Livradois-Forez. Bruno Maltor is a famous creator of travel content. But don’t tell him he’s an influencer: “I don’t like that term, because I inspire people instead of influencing them,” he says with a backwards cap, his signature on all his pictures.

Bruno Maltor originally comes from Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme) and travels and influences the world with his travels

Born in Ambert

For ten years, he has turned his childhood dream into his profession and travels around the continents to share their cultures and his encounters online. This globetrotter is currently spending five days in the Ambert area to promote it in collaboration with local communities and tourist structures. A city he did not choose by chance, because he was born there 31 years ago. “My mother was a nurse anesthetist in Ambert. I grew up in Retournac, in Haute-Loire, I am still very attached to this region, where my family still lives,’ he confides.Bruno Maltor began his journey through Ambert with the World Festival Ambert on Saturday.

His visit to Ambert was planned for last summer, but was postponed due to bad weather conditions. Just returned from Canada, Bruno Maltor was on Saturday for the last night of the world festival with his cameraman, who is also filming his adventures.

“The goal is to show behind the scenes, behind the scenes and show that things are happening in Ambert. I’m not here to do anything egocentric, but to teach people about the destination”

bruno maltor (content creator)

His schedule is meticulous during his trip, to save as many experiences as possible, which he will then share on all his social networks (i.e. 1.6 million subscribers in total), before a video on Youtube, “in a short month “.

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14,500 people vibrated in unison for three days at the World Festival Ambert (Puy-de-Dôme)

Bruno Maltor did not go unnoticed at the Ambert festival last weekend.

On the program several nuggets of Livradois-Forez: from the island to the pencils of Olliergues, passing by the Montpeloux volcano in Saillant, then a ride in an Agrivap train, a passage by the Richard-de-Bas mill, a hot-air balloon ride from Viverols or a visit to the center of Ambert “to see the only round town hall in Europe!” »…

“A region that is still too underrated”

Its immersion is total, right down to meals with local products – fourme d’Ambert will be honored – and overnight stays at the Auberge de Valcivières or at the Jasserie des Airelles in Saint-Anthème. “It’s not Mongolia, it’s not Canada… It’s my so beautiful Auvergne”, he slips between two posts, from the Hautes Chaumes du Forez or at sunrise, at the edge of a pond in Marsac-en-Livradois. “I am very proud to highlight Auvergne. It is a region that is still too underrated,” laments Bruno Maltor.

Its passage and its fame will certainly put a welcome spotlight on attracting new travelers to Livradois-Forez.

Fanny Guinea
Photos: Thierry Lindauer

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