By deifying nature, the earth burns and rats swarm…

After days of bitter fighting against the flames of the giant fires that ravaged the Gironde and Brittany, the time has come for preventive measures. Isabelle Marchandier’s analysis.

We are talking about the need to strengthen and modernize the air resources of our firefighters. We insist on the need to increase the number of firefighters, while refusing to reinstate the 5,000 unvaccinated firefighters who are missing. But in the first place, it would be necessary to break with the ecological dogmatism that sometimes prevents carrying out preventive actions against forest fires.

A controversy between Mac Lesggy and Sandrine Rousseau

Our house is on fire and we look away “. Jacques Chirac’s indictment has been quoted until more thirsty. But it is hard not to think about it when we talk about the recent fires in the Gironde and Brittany. The French president who carried out the last seven years has become our cheerful prophet, almost a mentor to our favorite raging collapseologist Greta Thumberg! But men’s systematic blindness to the devastating effects of climate change, rightly condemned by Chichi, could paradoxically also worry our current most intransigent whistleblowers – namely the environmentalists themselves. That was enough to to be convinced of this listening to the essential ecofeminist Sandrine Rousseau, interviewed at the beginning of last week, in the morning in the RMC.

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Not surprisingly, the elected Nupes spent the entire interview venting his green anger on ” climate-killing companies, crisis profiteers and the wealthy “Acquainted with the argument of authority that interrupts any debate, the IPCC reports. Then she was offended by the casting and forgot that the latter was also generated by the wind turbines that she loves so much. But the most interesting part of the interview is when the journalist Philippe Corbé returned to these mega wildfires and decided, very pertinently, to tickle our invaluable deputy on a very specific controversy.

On July 15, the presenter of the well-known science program, E=M6, Mac Lesggy, actually set fire to the powder by recalling in a tweet the supposed responsibility of Senator EELV Monique de Marcos in the dysfunctions of the fire risk prevention policy.

In fact, in July 2021, elected representatives had obtained the suspension of a development plan for the Teste-de-Buch forest, yet requested by the firefighters to better protect the forest area, which is now destroyed. To extinguish this fire, which burns the credibility of our ecologists, Mrs. Rousseau resorts to smoking as a firewall: ” Nature, if left to its own devices, has the means to organize itself to limit global warming. she replied, deliberately confusing warming and fire, the climate emergency and fire prevention. Radical, Madame Rousseau prefers to preach the commandments of her pagan dogmas and cover a sad reality with a green veil. Because it is precisely because man has let nature do too much that we can blame him for this rapid spread of flames in the Gironde! Elsewhere in the Gironde, where we have designed large six-metre-wide roads, where all the trees have been felled, fire trucks circulate faster.

The forest is not a sacred cow

So what ! because nature, according to the dogmatic vision of political ecology, is absolutely deified and consequently as untouchable as a sacred cow! Therefore, any human intervention would be akin to heretical sacrilege. And so clearing brush, picking up dead wood or performing clearcuts are no longer possible maintenance techniques to limit the spread of fires, but “ecocidal” gestures.

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This is also what happened in Var last summer, when another gigantic fire had made the front page of our newspapers, when 7,000 hectares of forest had been ravaged in the Massif des Maures. It was more or less the same scenario that the Southwest experienced this year: 10,000 residents evacuated and ten days of intense fighting against flames that had even caused the death of two people. One of the reasons this murderous fire is difficult to fix? The management of the nature reserve Plaine des Maures, which, since a decree passed in 2009, is placed under the management of the departmental council of the Var, which has made it a natural sanctuary where maintenance is considered an attack. Fabienne Joly, president of the Chamber of Agriculture, and Jean Bacci, LR senator from Var, then stepped up to condemn this aberration. In the name of ecology, there is no question of clearing brush, even with a technique as ancestral and respectful of the environment as eco-grazing: Growers who dare to defy the ban and graze their sheep on sacred grounds risk taking a plum!

The fable of self-management

To claim, as Mrs. Rousseau does, that nature manages itself suggests that nature is endowed with conscience, that it knows how to limit itself, and that it is able to do so by itself. Just leave your garden without maintenance for a year to see what it is and realize this ineptitude.

This green ideology also prevails in the city. In the capital, the green hand of Anne Hidalgo is wreaking havoc: the inhabitants are asked to live with the 4 million rats at the risk of their health – oh, a thousand excuses for this artistic insult of “double rats” ! And hundreds of rabbits smash the flower beds, decimate the geraniums and swarm in abundance on the Champ de Mars. The capital thus tends to become a jungle populated by temporary animals, where the anarchy of artificial vegetation gradually hinders the classical harmony of the city of light. Paris is no longer a party!

On August 3, the fire risk prevention mission, which the Senate launched in June, will make recommendations. On the eve of a historic date celebrating the abolition of privilege, let’s hope that green dogmatism is abolished for the good of nature!

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