For a 15-minute parade in the desert as Yves Saint-Laurent shows the way to ecological sobriety.

In the Moroccan desert of Agafay, Kering organized an extraordinary show for the parade of the new Yves Saint Laurent collection.

Anthony Vaccarello, originally from Belgium and artistic director of the house Saint Laurent since 2016, invited more than 300 journalists, TikTokers and celebrities to the Agafay desert for the staging of his new men’s show.

45 minutes from Marrakech, under a scorching sun, Kering has rented land, created a 6 km long road to access the site with daily watering, volatile buildings, air conditioning and a VIP area.

Sobriety is required, many air conditioning systems have been brought to the site.

It is a Hollywood studio worthy of a blockbuster, designed and produced by Bureau BETAK for Yves Saint Laurent, under the artistic direction of Anthony Vaccarello, with a 12-ton Stargate made by English artist Ed Devlin.

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