Box office France: The super beasts bring out their fangs

Pretty much at the top of the start, the adventures of Krypto, Superman’s dog, rule the news. It is followed by the promising opening of “Sundown”.

Crypto is taking off! With 90,564 spectators out of 594 screens at the end of the first day, of which almost a third (27,222 exactly) had discovered it in preview, the DC Comics animated film offers itself a great victory in the new release market of the week, according to Le Film Français. 9th best debut for a DC Entertainment House film, Krypto and the super animals does better than another animated feature film dedicated to the justice league universe, The Lego Batman Movie of Chris McKay, who at the same time achieved a first day of operation with 74,867 admissions in 2016, to finish his career with 842,931 tickets sold. Everything indicates that the valiant Krypto has the million in his sights.

In second place Sunset, the new film by Michel Franco, had a promising first day, attracting 5,769 moviegoers to 148 theaters, including previews. The film, which was presented at the last festival in Venice, offers the best French start of Michel Franco’s career before April girls and its 3,567 first-day admissions in August 2017. By the end of the run, the film carried by Emma Suárez and Hernán Mendoza had a total of 44,626 tickets sold, which can give hope that Sunsetif it lasts, will sell at least 50,000.

On the last step of the podium, The Auschwitz Report by Peter Bebjak collected 1,095 admissions in 45 prints without having offered a preview. This is the first film by Peter Bebjak, Slovakian filmmaker, to be released in cinemas in France. Such a start should perhaps allow it to reach the 10,000 occupied seats by the end of the race.

Great career for The night of 12

On the side of the week, the surprise does not come from the leading trio. Remaining the same since last week, the podium is still dominated by Thor: Love and Thunder (which gives 573,326 extra admissions for a total of 1.7 million admissions), the latter is closely followed by Minions 2: Once Upon a Time Gru (525,841 more items for a total of over 2.5 million). Not as dull as that, Ducobu retains the bronze with 254,032 additional spectators, bringing it close to 550,000 tickets sold at the end of its second week in cinemas.

If there is a surprise, it comes from the very beautiful thriller The night of 12 by Dominik Moll, which confirms the excellent start we observed on July 15. In fact, the film had achieved a first day of more than 10,000 admissions, a good performance for such a French thriller, which is confirmed at the end of this second week of exploitation. With 72,191 additional tickets sold for a total of 168,858, the film carried by Bastien Bouillon and Bouli Lanners has already become Dominik Moll’s biggest success, ahead of the 102,000 admissions at animals only in 2019. The film opens up a very fine career: we want it to double the score of animals only at a total of 200,000 registrations at the end of the race, we are now adjusting our expectations. The night of 12 could well reach at least 300,000 conquered spectators.

It is nevertheless more complicated on the side of it nevertheless very beautiful Peter von Kant by Francois Ozon. After achieving a first day similar to that The night of 12 (10,431 admissions), the film currently has only 70,437 tickets sold at the end of its third week of release. This low score confirms that the drama of Denis Ménochet and Isabelle Adjani will not have been able to find as large an audience as the one Ozon’s cinema has accustomed us to and demonstrates, alongside the success of The night of 12the great uncertainty currently affecting French auteur cinema at the box office, on which the quality of the films does not necessarily seem to have any influence.

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