go on a road trip in the summer!

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Should you consider a road trip as a summer vacation idea?

After a few years of postponed travel, tourism is on the way back! Tourist spots are likely to be crowded this summer, for it is a most wonderful season to visit the world and see many attractive places. Places coastal and alpine is much more beautiful in the summer when the sun is shining. There is something for everyone, from typical beach holidays to exciting summer trips to beautiful islands. This article is here to give you ideas for vacationing this summer.

Travel ideas for summer holidays in France

The international health situation has not always been favorable for travel to the other side of the globe, especially since most people spend their time firmly at home. The French are lucky to live in Europe! France is quite a large country where they can take advantage of The clean air of the Alps as well as the pleasant sand on the beaches. It would be limiting to highlight only the landscapes of the coasts and hills! It would also be remiss not to highlight all these beautiful communities, tempting kitchen ideas and hidden paradises in the middle of nature. Navigating this sea of ​​alternatives is much more difficult. Here are some options for summer holiday travel in France to help you decide:


Corsica is an excellent tourist destination for families. It is quite a privilege to have the chance to take a vacation Isle of Splendor with his children. Each excursion will be unique with large panoramas of nature on the sea and mountains, dream beaches and traditional Corsican towns. Going to Corsica as a family means living incredible adventures. Discover everything there is to see on this exquisite island of Mediterranean landscapes, destinations such as Bonifacio, Calvi or Ajaccio, from the rivers Piana to the Scandola reserve. Corsica is pure bliss for a family with traveling parents! Hiking tours allow you to enjoy the natural splendor of the entire area. To go to Corsica is above all to see the island’s extraordinary natural beauty and its enormous diversity crammed into a small space; it’s a tour that includes:

  • Walks between land and sea.
  • Beaches and swimming in turquoise water.
  • Bike tours to natural pools.


The Pays de la Loire is one of the most visually stunning family destinations. These structures are some of the most artistically breathtaking, and the tour guide tells one fascinating story on the region. It is the second most visited tourist attraction in France, with part classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Loire is also an opportunity to relax by the water while learning about French viticulture on holiday. You can also visit interesting cities like those listed below:

  • Nantes.
  • Blois.
  • Bourges.
  • Towers.

The Loire is an excellent destination for family summer holidays as it gives children a cultural enrichment at the same time that they can get closer to nature, without draining their parents’ credit cards.

French Riviera

As soon as you look at a postcard from this region of France, or simply at the mention of the name “Côte d’Azur”, you can imagine ideas of living in the warm sand and bathing in a beach with turquoise blue waters with its children . In fact, the breathtaking beaches and tall palm trees await you! Many cities on the Mediterranean coast are essential in this destination, here are the most notable:

  • The city of Saint-Tropez.
  • The city of Cannes.
  • The city of Nice.

A flight to the coast promises a mix of festive activities and luxury accommodation, with tranquil areas that you can’t get enough of all year round.

A road trip in France, a good idea for a summer vacation trip?

A road trip through Europe is usually an unforgettable experience. Why not cross the most beautiful areas of France on small roads? The most exciting part of a road trip is seeing new horizons and landscapes. Rest, on the other hand, is important to replenish energy and continue exploring. There are many convenient accommodation options along the route. On the housing side, here are some options to consider:

  • Hotels by the road.
  • Accommodation in a hotel room.
  • Accommodation at campsites to avoid overpriced hotels.

The price will undoubtedly influence the type of housing chosen. Several destinations in France, including the Alps, the Basque Country, Normandy and Brittany, are recommended for an interesting road trip. You probably have to give credit to Brittany coast, which is breathtakingly beautiful, it consists of spectacular landscapes. In this place you will also find wonderful tourist destinations such as:

  • The beaches in the bright sun.
  • The historic chapels of Fouesnant.
  • the charming villages.

At legendary destinations such as Pointe du Raz, nature and culture lovers can admire mythological places. Rennes is probably the best place to start a road trip through Brittany. Visitors can also spend a few nights in the heart of charming Breton villages without burning their credit cards. Many enjoyable local activities can be found there. Finally, the journey can end at the Côte des Légendes de Meneham, a destination in France that never loses its glory. The latter has a beach surrounded by granite blocks in various shapes.

Visit Greece on a trip during the summer holidays

Flying to this country in summer is an adventure that promises to be full of discovery and vitamin D under the sun, in an absolutely epic region! that northern Greece is just as varied and beautiful as the rest of the country, and it’s a must-see destination at a really good price! So to get the most out of a trip to the region, here are some of them most important considerations which you can see upon your arrival:

  • the majestic Vikos Gorge is a must see.
  • explore the beautiful villages and monasteries of Meteora.
  • stroll through Parga, a charming seaside town.

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