Why is the Puy-de-Dôme animal shelter full this summer?

We love them, we pamper them and we can’t imagine living without our beloved pets. And yet many find that they have been abandoned by their owners.

Nationally, the apostasy numbered in the tens of thousands last year. The humane society (SPA) collected 45,000 animals in 2021.

But in Puy-de-Dôme, the departures are not more important this summer than the rest of the year, they are regular. “The peak was mainly observed in April last year,” says Mathilde Salé, from the Puy-de-Dôme Animal Protection Association (APA 63). 25 dogs and cats were collected.

However, the Gerzat shelter is full: 140 cats for 100 places and 90 dogs for 70 places.

“We are overcrowded”, excuses Mathilde Salé.

If abandonments have not increased, adoptions, they decrease every summer. The APA shelter registered only 90 adopted animals in May and 109 in June. Less than February’s 165 or March’s 150.

Abused animals

The increase in the number of animals cared for is also due to investigations for mistreatment. “We make one every week at least, notes Mathilde Salé. It’s constantly increasing, it’s impressive!”

Quite often, animals are taken in for their well-being. Especially kittens. At APA 63 we talk about “Noah Syndrome”. Understand people who “collect animals without having the ability”.

“So we have a waiting list and we collaborate with the other shelters,” adds Mathilde Salé. The goal ? Do not “hoard” animals and maintain “healthy living conditions” for these hairballs.

Multiple causes

Very often departures on vacation explain the abandonment. A phenomenon that repeats itself every summer. But with shame.

“People never tell us that they leave their animals because they are going on holiday,” explains Mathilde Salé.

The solutions do exist, however. Pets can be cared for directly at home. The 30 Millions d’amis website shows advice and solutions for organizing your holiday with or without your pet.

It is also after a move that an animal is abandoned, or after being violent.

“It is mainly large dogs, sometimes category 1, that are left behind. As for cats, they are generally released into the wild and very often unchipped. It is therefore impossible to trace back to the owner.

Abandonment is considered by law to be a cruel act

However, the law is clear. “Abandonment on the public highway or in nature” is considered “a cruel act as well as animal cruelty”, the SPA says on its website.

The penalty can be up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.
If you have to get rid of your animal, there are steps. The APA 63 refuge in Gerzat allows abandonment under good conditions.

premium Soraya is to be adopted at the Puy-de-Dôme APA

After contacting the Puydomoise association, a time will be set at the refuge. After a phase of questions, the animal is taken care of by the shelter’s staff. All for a sum of 80 euros.

To get rid of an animal, APA 63 can be reached on or via its website.

Johan Maviert

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