this summer on the way to the Amazon and “scary animals” at the Museum Aquarium

As part of its summer program “Mais elle est ou la Mer? The city Nancy presents two exhibitions and events over the summer at the Museum-Akvariet

In its two galleries on the ground floor, the Museum-Aquarium of Nancy invites you to discover its living collections, represented by around 300 species. They live in their reconstituted natural environment in 57 aquariums. On the first floor, populated by nearly 600 specimens of natural history from around the world, the zoology gallery amazes as much as it feeds everyone’s scientific and naturalistic knowledge. Gorillas, walruses, giant octopuses and spider crabs are exhibited on a large 400 m² area.

Summer entertainment

> Boo! scary animals
Sunday 31 July and 14, 21 and 28 August at 10.30am.
For young audiences from 3 to 6 years
Duration: 1 hour including 45 minutes of animation
Price for the animation: €6
A spider running on a wall in the house… the silhouette of a bat appearing in front of the full moon… And there, disturbing eyes shining in the night… The scary animals are all around us! But are they really that scary? To find out, take your courage in both hands and… Boo! Here they will tell you their extraordinary stories!

> What madness Amazon! tropical river animals
Wednesdays 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 August at 9.30 and 10.45.
For young audiences from 3 to 6 years
Duration: 1 hour including 45 minutes of animation
Price for the animation: €6
Immediate boarding to the Amazon! In this vast tropical forest flow legendary rivers and mysterious rivers… Eyes and ears on the lookout, little explorers set off to discover the many animals hiding in the dark waters of the Orinoco and on the banks of the Amazon.

> Life and survival in the Amazon
Wednesdays 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 August at 2.15 pm.
For young people aged 7 to 11 years
Duration: 1h45 including 1h30 animation
Price for the animation: €6
Sharp-toothed piranhas, poisonous frogs, crocodiles and alligators… Come and experience the animals of tropical rivers and their clever survival and hunting techniques!


> Attraction, dating stories
Until September 18, 2022
Teenagers and adults
Temporary exhibition space on the 1st floor
Free entry with entrance ticket
A look. A movement. A smell. The accelerating pulse. All senses are awakened. What if it was love at first sight? Whether for life or for one night, choosing a partner is never a coincidence. Attraction, lust, seduction… what is this mysterious force that pushes each animal, each human towards the other? This original exhibition invites a teenage-adult audience to discover the sometimes complex mechanisms at work between two individuals.

> Ghosts, traces of a future
Until September 11, 2022
For all target groups
Astrolabe Gallery
Free entry with entrance ticket
Manu Gauthier, a self-taught photographer, has long developed a passion for images and for shots, which he calls “shots of life”. He offers a vision in black and white of a poetic realism marked by melancholy. This photographic series produced at the Museum-Aquarium, of which he here gives his interpretation, was born during work carried out during the renovation of the museum rooms in 2019.
In a possible future, Man ended up performing his felling. Firstly, the physical and intellectual capacity has been increased thanks to scientific and technical progress. The transhumans, thus reinforced, continued the path of progress by becoming artificial intelligences fully integrated into digital networks, to lose their privilege as humans in favor of new individuals, shaped by technologies: cyborgs, clones, robots… .
All that was left for these posthumans without a fleshly envelope were museums to understand their history and their ancient forms.
Over the centuries, this memory has finally faded. Since knowledge no longer requires the use of such institutions, cultural sites have been abandoned. Stuffed animals and people, covered by tarps, wait in the last hope to be revealed again.»

MUSEUM AQUARIUM 34 rue Sainte-Catherine in Nancy. Full price: €5.50 / Reduced price: €3.20 / Free for children under 26).

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