Two dogs and two cats are up for adoption at SPA de l’Eure

Discover every week four residents of the shelter of the Ebroïcienne association for the protection of animals. They introduce themselves in an attempt to find a new family.

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Tango, looking for a girlfriend

“Hey guys, you already know me from previous messages. Always at the shelter since, I introduce myself again: Tango the funny one, with my good face, I’m sure you’ll love me. Ah yes I forgot to tell you that I am 2 years old! I am a sweet sweet full of love and I love hugs (a good family sweet in short). On a walk I enjoy the walk and I don’t pull too much, I prefer to listen to all the sounds like Mother Nature gets in my way. In the park I enjoy myself, but I also come looking for caresses and if there is a little treat to nibble on, of course I am a taker! I came back from adoption because alone I am very anxious , the presence of a canine friend would be ideal!”

Bunny, the great sportsman

“Hello to you, I’m Bunny, a beautiful 10-year-old Malinois, with some basic education. I will tell you a little about my little story: I wandered for more than two weeks. I arrived at the shelter in bad shape, skinny, and I had one of my fangs ripped in half, hence my name Bunny, rabbit in English. Since my arrival I was finally taken care of. On walks I am very docile, I don’t pull at all and stay on my feet. Long walks are therefore recommended, because now that I have regained my confidence, I love being outdoors. Character level, I remain shy with my human interactions, but I don’t let myself be impressed like that! I’m a Malinois after all. You can see in my eyes that I need tenderness and gentleness. I’m naturally calm, but my box drives me crazy, I go around in circles. With my past and my certain age, I have some health problems. Come and meet me, I am a loving Malinois. »

Pearl, from the West Indies

“Hello dear readers. I am a graceful 2-year-old kitten. I am in a constant search for human interaction, and it is not the gates of my little box that stop me: I know how to stick my paw through the bars of my prison to ask you for a few good caresses along the way. ! My story is not really known, but I can already tell you where I come from: a small island called Guadeloupe. Hello yes I took a long trip to you , and I hope now to be rich with a family that will be willing to give me all their love! I will know how to return it to you a hundredfold, and quietly wait for you behind my gates.”

Ziggie, the youngest

“Hello company, I’m the very young Ziggie! I arrived at the shelter with my mother and my sister Tyssie a few weeks ago. As you can understand, I’m a kitten, so a life must be invented for me! The sooner I travel to my new family, the more my character will adapt to people who are willing to give me love and tenderness! No superstitions to be considered, black cats are lovesick. Then I look forward to my future family who will know how one introduces me to what I’ve never seen before: a home! So if you fall for my face, don’t hesitate to come and pay me a little visit to turn the test into mutual love at first sight!”

Two hundred dogs and cats await a dedicated master at the Évreux Animal Protection Society. They can be adopted for an amount that covers veterinary costs. Dog chipped, vaccinated and neutered: €190; chipped, vaccinated and sterilized female dog: €260; neutered, vaccinated and chipped cat: €110; sterilized, vaccinated and chipped cat: €160. Arrangements are possible in case of adoption of older dogs and cats. Bring ID and recent proof of address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, in Évreux. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 14.00 to 16.30 Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.

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