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Heat wave: with a Mediterranean Sea of ​​up to 30°C, the first marine species should disappear from August

High temperatures recorded in Europe in July have triggered a marine heat wave in the Mediterranean that risks destroying ecosystems and species in the coming weeks, scientists warn.

> Warmer air, ocean currents and sea surface stability contribute to Mediterranean coastal areas warming by several degrees compared to the average temperature of 24°C to 26°C for this period of the month.

Aude: suspected of wild bites at the Verzeille festival, two young people were beaten

Suspected of stabbing two people at the village festival in Verzeille on Sunday 24 July, two young men were beaten and sprayed with tear gas by around fifteen men. All “in a very alcoholic context”.

> Hans, one of the two victims, testifies that his face is still swollen from the blows

Uncontrollable Chinese rocket: we finally know when and where this 23-ton machine will fall to the ground, the European Aviation Safety Agency issues the warning

Long March 5B, returning from a space mission, will soon enter Earth’s atmosphere. But the 23-tonne Chinese rocket, which took off from Hainan Island on July 24 to carry a module to China’s orbital space station, began a descent to Earth described as “uncontrollable”.

> Scientists have so far been completely unable to determine when and where the object will fall on our planet. The puzzle is now solved.

Perpignan – Their baby dies in hospital: “The administrative court recognized the medical errors”

After the death of their one-and-a-half-month-old baby on August 2, 2019, a couple decided to ask for answers to these questions by approaching the Administrative Court of Montpellier.

> The latter has just recognized responsibility for the hospitals in Perpignan and Purpan in Toulouse in its judgment of 18 July.

This is what the new species of very stingy jellyfish you might encounter this summer looks like

On Wednesday, L’Indépendant reported that the Biodiversarium, the oceanological observatory in Banyuls-sur-Mer, warned of a new species of jellyfish that would have appeared between Collioure and Banyuls. They appear to be ray jellyfish of the species Chrysaora hysoscella.

> We explain to you about this new species.

Will the emblematic establishment Les Grands Buffets leave Narbonne?

Louis Privat, the head of the Grands Buffets, notes with bitterness that it is impossible to communicate with the president of the Grand Narbonne Didier Mouly about the Espace de Liberté. He points to the “dilapidation and unsanitary conditions in certain places” that his clientele are victims of and plan to relocate.

> Established in 1989 under the status of “Cafeteria and other self-services” and under the name Cafeteria Liberty, Grands Buffets, surfing the fashion of all-you-can-eat buffets, has continued to grow, to find itself cramped, in aging equipment.

Roads closed between France and Spain: Also on the other side of the border, politicians want the Col de Banyuls reopened

Large stones in the middle of the road. Since January 2021, the Banyuls and Manrella passes have been closed to traffic. Main arguments put forward by the Prefecture of Pyrénées-Orientales: anti-terrorist measures and against illegal immigration.

> Consell Comarcal de l’Alt Empordà, which brings together 68 municipalities in Spain, adopted a proposal at the plenary session on Tuesday.

Pyrénées-Orientales: in “looting” with the agents of the Catalan nature reserves

A team of agents from the Catalan nature reserves goes out all summer to meet mountain users. The goal is simple, create a meeting with visitors to make them aware of the ecological problems in the places and sharing space with other users.

> We accompanied them during a “looting”

Renationalisation of EDF: how much will it cost the French?

Announced by Elisabeth Borne, the principle of renationalisation of EDF was validated by deputies this week. Inserted into the amended Finance Act for 2022, the measure passed by 209 votes to 156 on the night of Tuesday, July 26 to Wednesday, July 27.

> Here are the costs of this financial operation.

Aude: animals rescued from fires in the Gironde and collected by the Sigean African Reserve

The fires in the Gironde have created waves of concern for the establishments around Dune du Pila. While the famous campsite of the French film “Camping” was destroyed by the flames, the Arcachon basin zoo took the lead by launching an SOS. In total, 25 parks took turns for 48 hours to remove as many animals as possible from the enclosures.

> The African Reserve responded to this call.

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