Tourism: four stages to discover Algeria

The charm of this North African country, which is often forgotten by travelers, is immeasurable. DR

Algeria is a country of contrasts. It borders the Mediterranean, Morocco, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Libya and Tunisia and is rich in great cultural and ethnic diversity. From the dry mountains to the dunes of the Sahara, which covers almost 85% of its territory, via Algiers, Oran and the seafront, discover the charm of this North African country, often forgotten by travelers. Regardless of the season, Algeria offers breathtaking landscapes and total immersion with its welcoming and warm people. Here are 4 important steps to discover Algeria in all its authenticity.

  1. Algae

Algeria is full of fascinating cities that will take you back in time, starting with Algiers, its capital. A welcome country for many tourists every year, Algiers is a city of many wonders. Take time to enjoy its unique atmosphere, time for a round online casino on the terrace of a café before tasting a delicious “rechta”, a typical culinary specialty of the capital.

In Algiers you cannot miss the Casbah, a historic district also called the medina. Its magical alleys are steeped in history and constitute one of the most important representations of Islam in the country. You will find the Palais de Raïs, a real jewel in the city and a marvel. You then go to the Grande Poste and Notre-Dame d’Afrique Basilica, then to the Martyrs’ Memorial.

From Algiers we also recommend traveling to Tipasa, which is 70 km west of the city on the Mediterranean coast, towards Oran. This port city of the Roman Empire has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to interesting Roman, Phoenician, early Christian and Byzantine archaeological remains.

  1. Oran

Located by the sea, Oran is the second most important city in the country. It is characterized by its strong French and Spanish influence. Here you will find the beautiful and impressive Citadel, especially Fort Santa Cruz, through which the Spanish took the city in 1509. From there you have a breathtaking view of the city and the Mediterranean.

In Oran we also recommend that you visit the Sacred Heart Cathedral, the Hassan Pasha Grand Mosque and the Demaëght Museum also known as the Zabana National Museum of Oran. And of course, don’t leave the city without taking advantage of its many beaches.

  1. Tlemcen

Before heading towards the desert and therefore the southern part of the country, you should consider visiting Tlemcen. Located in the northwestern part of Algeria, very close to Maros, it is considered the “Pearl of the Maghreb”. It is famous for its architectural heritage in the Almoravid, Merinid and Ziyanid styles dating from the 12th to the 15th centuries. In Tlemcen, you will also be seduced by the Sidi Boumediene Mosque, the Tomb of Houari Boumediene, as well as the Zianide Palace of El Mechouar.

  1. Sahara desert

The Sahara Desert is Algeria’s main attraction. We recommend that you start your tour at Tassili Tadrart, considered one of the most picturesque and pleasant places in the Sahara. It is a desert of rocks licked by the sand with engravings and cave paintings, dunes of different colors so that the shades develop in accordance with the sun, and eroded canyons. You can see the spectacular Oued In Djaren gorge, the majestic formations of the cathedral and enjoy a breathtaking sunset from the dunes of Tin Merzouga.

Then head to Tassili n’Ajjer, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. For a lasting memory, end your stay at the highest point in the Sahara, Assekrem, from where you can admire a spectacular sunrise and explore the main town of the south, Tamanrasset, set in an oasis.


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