Jean Reno, a larger-than-life robot in All These Things We Didn’t Say to Each Other

Alexandra Maria Lara and Jean Reno in All the things we never said to each other on myCanal 2021 Canal+/Starz Play/StudioCanal

The actor of Visitor stars in the series adapted from Marc Levy’s bestseller.

Available myCanal and worn by Jean Reno, All the things we didn’t say to each other is the series adaptation of a bestseller by Marc Levy, nine episodes of 30 minutes. The creator and showrunner of fiction, the successful novelist co-signs the script and even plays one of the supporting characters.

A robot like his father

A few days before her wedding, Julia (Alexandra Maria Lara) learns that her father, Michel (Jean Reno), with whom she has been in conflict for a very long time, has suddenly died.
Until the end, her father will have succeeded in turning her life upside down, she thinks ironically. However, she is not done with her surprises when she receives a huge wooden box at home. This contains a robot, the exact copy of his father. This larger than life android has all the memory and even Michel’s character. Then begins a long and surreal conversation between father and daughter. Julia will find her father again, and vice versa. They each give themselves a second chance. Besides, is it really too late to make peace?

Presented at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival,All the things we didn’t say to each other was not unanimously accepted by journalists, far from it. It is true that the starting point of the story is eccentric to say the least, the general mood bizarre, and the actors – apart from Jean Reno, impeccable – not convinced of what they are supposed to play. Jean Reno has the complicated task of interpreting a very touching robot: ” It’s a bethe told us in Monaco. This role is really very strange and it’s such a big thing that it was better to play it as naturally as possible without thinking about it… otherwise pretend when I received the script that I couldn’t be reached, away. on a boat! (Laughs.)More seriously, this Michel wants to be loved and he doesn’t know how to say things. »

“My father may not have said certain things to me or shown me tenderness, because he came from a different time, but he built me! »

Jean Reno

And him, what would he have wanted to say to his father? Does he regret things not told to his children? ” My father may not have said certain things to me or shown me tenderness because he came from a different time, but he built me! To my children I don’t say: “Do this, do that”, because they are smarter than us, but I am present and I tell them “I love you” and they do the same. That’s the answer: be there at the right time. »

The actor with an international career is highly sought after by series producers. “During Covid, the phone didn’t stop ringing for series. It’s really lucky, because my next projects are for the cinema! He speaks Spanish, as his parents are of Andalusian origin, and he excels in the Mexican series QWho killed Sarah?on Netflix, and is fantastic as an investigative butler in the Spanish seriesA private affairwhich will be available next September on Amazon Prime Video.

Marc Levy 2021 Canal+/Starz Play/StudioCanal

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