These Travel Allowances That Are Very Useful But You Didn’t Know Existed!

Many families in France are deciding to stay at home this summer vacation. But the state has already introduced several social aids to help them leave! The details

The summer holidays have just arrived in France. It should be noted that it was July 7, 2022 that marked the start of this season. However, we still note that several households are still in their home or their region at the moment.

Why ? These are modest families who lack the means to finance their journey. But what they don’t know is that the state has already introduced several measures to help them leave. We tell you about them in this article!

Summer vacation: No more financial nightmares because the state comes to the rescue!

Considering the recent events, the purchasing power in the country is at its worst. If before everyone was able to support themselves on a daily basis. At the moment, many believe they can no longer make ends meet. The fear of tomorrow persists all the time. To save their financial portfolio, several families in France have even sacrificed their summer vacation!

Their ideology is that it is better to resist whims than to beg for the future. It should be noted that according to them, going on a summer vacation is a temptation to be avoided! The organization of this summer whim makes you realize a lot of expenses during the year. But the investments used in this trip and its leisure can be used in other activities !

Especially in light of this current rising inflation, it has wreaked havoc on the daily lives of the citizens of France. We note here the increase in the price of basic necessities, fuel, schooling and canteen expenses for children, etc. The latter believes that the boycott during these summer holidays can come back as a source of savings in everyday life.

Being aware of the karma of the citizens, the government wanted to give them a helping hand in this ordeal. Hence the reason why the latter through CAF launched social assistance for them! We note that many of them are available to help you organize your summer vacation at a reduced price or for free. It depends on what kind of help you want !

Here are the various CAF social aids for this summer period!

Summer Vacation: If you are a member of this family grant fund, it will be easy for you to get it this summer. However, if you are still a stranger to this institution, we advise you to now find out how to register. To do so, go to their offices or simply ask your employer for more details.

We will inform you of this you get more benefits by becoming a member of this unit. Especially during these summer holiday periods, you will benefit from several social aids in the organization of your summer holiday. Thanks to these contributions, you will be able to fully or partially pay the expenses of your trip!

Eg. there are holiday vouchers which can be of great help to you this year. This travel voucher allows you to pay for your travel, your accommodation and your meals this summer holiday. This benefit is dedicated to families with at least one child based on their family quotient.

Then there is what is meant by the annual holiday ticket! This social assistance is reserved for employees, civil servants, jobseekers, pensioners etc. It consists in reducing the purchase price of your return train ticket during these summer holidays. You will be able to get all these benefits by applying for CAF. We notice that few people have yet expressed their interest in these aids! Why ? They are unknown !

Summer vacation: Help is also available for young people!

Although the majority of CAF members are employees, this benevolent entity was far from forgetting young people, teenagers and students during these summer holidays. Thereby, they have also brought social assistance in their catalog to the latter’s interest.

For example, there are also summer holiday vouchers for young people and students. This benefit concerns people who are between 18 and 25 years old. It covers 80% of the total cost of their expenses valued at a maximum of 250 euros. For children, we note the existence of AVF, AVE, ATL ! The best is always to ask at his offices!

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