Riders on the Storm Cyberpunk 2077: Walkthrough, quest, Panam

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Riders on the Storm Cyberpunk 2077: Walkthrough, quest, Panam


Raiden Robin

One of the main side missions in CP2077 allows you to start a romantic relationship with Panam and unlock one of the alternate endings of the game. It also suffers from a few glitches every now and then, so here’s a guide with the right choices to make and how to exit if there’s a problem.

If you intend to develop romance with Panam and have access to the ending related to the Nomad faction, then the Riders on the Storm quest is important. The situation is often complex in Cyberpunk 2077, with the conspiracies of the corps and the chip constantly frying your brain. But in the desert, with Nomads, it’s much simpler, we go for it and get high, at least if the bugs don’t get involved.


This side mission has been plagued by various bugs over patches, and depending on the platforms, e.g. Johnny who refuses to show up while Panam is sleeping. It is difficult to give you a miracle solution that will work every time and for everyone. But here are some solutions that have worked in some cases:

  • Rotate the camera to maximum and make circles with it as if you were making rounds around the neck. By doing this several times, it will eventually make Johnny appear.
  • Restart the game and load your previous save.

If you fail the hostage release in the first part of the mission, try to kill everyone in the camp above.

Pass through

This side mission is the beginning of a long series of quests that unlock the romance with Panam (if you’re playing a male), as well as one of the game’s possible endings.

To unlock this mission, you must first complete the mission “Life during wartime“. About 12 hours later, you will receive a call from Panam, who will ask you for help. You must of course accept, and then go to the Nomads camp to talk to him in person.

  • Choose the answer”We are Chooms, that’s why” if you intend to start a romance with Panam. As a rule, the dialogue choices are not difficult in this area, it is enough to take the most positive and personal option.
  • Walk around the camp with Panam, talk to the nomads and connect to the drone. Then examine the elements of the camp, such as the tire tracks in the middle of the path.
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  • Join Mitch and Panam, then agree to follow them to the observation point and to the Raffen Shiv camp.
  • You can infiltrate the camp in several ways, depending on your abilities. You can pass to the left of the camp, over the barrier. Be careful, there is a guard in the area.
  • Luring the Raffen leader and area enemies with the Whistle hack is a good plan. He has an iconic weapon that you will want to equip at least once.
  • Enter the large building, walk through the high walkways to discreetly eliminate the guards until you reach the security room with the cameras control. This will allow you to find the hostage. Disable all cameras while you’re at it.
  • Go down into the hangar, discreetly eliminate as many guards as possible, you must reach the stairs and the underground.
  • Free Saul and remember to take the crafting blueprints from the nearby crate.
  • You can evacuate via the raised walkway, then through the window and finally via the power station. All you have to do is get into the van if you haven’t been spotted.
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  • An alternative method with 9 points in technical skills is to get into pipes from the power station north of the camp, and open the gates blocking the passage at the end. This makes it possible to reach Saul directly, then depart by taking the same route. This has the advantage of reducing the chances of being spotted by the enemy, but you will miss out on quite a bit of experience and loot.
  • Another method is just shoot everyone, it’s quite viable if you don’t like stealth. After freeing Saul, join Panama’s van at the camp, then join a chase through the desert.
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The Ingalls Farm and Dialogues with Panam

  • After escaping the Wraiths, you have a quieter section in an abandoned farmhouse. Try to restore power, then proceed to repair the fuse box at the back of the building.
  • You will then sit on the couch with Panam, you will then have various dialogue options to seduce Panam into establishing a relationship. If this is your goal, the correct answers are:
  • You’d be better off without your shoes, lady.
  • I have some ideas
  • She will reject your advances for now, but that’s okay.
  • The next day, talk to Panam and join her near the motorcycles. Also collect the iconic Overwatch weapon nearby.
  • It is important to choose:[Arrêter Panam.] Wait, around last nightto continue the romance.
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