Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: we tried out the new circuits in wave 2 of the expansion map

After an overall pretty convincing first wave, wave 2 of the extension of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now available after a few months of waiting. Neither one nor two we warmed up the rubber to discover the new circuits, especially since we find several of them on our list of routes from Mario Kart favorites.

If you liked these eight circuits in their original versions, you can now find them in a revamped version. Here is the list of the eight new circuits of wave 2 of the expansion pass Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

1. New York Getaway – Tour

As seems to be usual in the new expansion pass cups off Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the first circuit takes us to a large metropolis on our planet. It is therefore New York that inaugurates the Navet Cup, with a route that takes us to Central Park, the Empire State Building and Times Square.

The track is quite pleasant and, like in the previous cities, it develops in step with the turns, subject to a few small surprises. Whether it’s walking Goombas, buses, taxis, or even manhole covers flying away under the pressure of the water, there are various obstacles in this nocturnal circuit. If the textures are still not on par with the original circuit Mario Kart 8we still appreciate the atmosphere of this holiday and the many turns that follow each other in a frantic way.

2. Circuit Mario 3 – SNES

Without a doubt, Circuit Mario 3 is the biggest disappointment in this second wave of content Mario Kart 8 Deluxeor even the entire game. Unlike other tracks from the ancestors Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart Super Circuit, Circuit Mario 3 hasn’t been entitled to a real graphical overhaul. Instead, we find ourselves more or less with the retro version of the circuit present in the Mario Kart Wiislightly retouched and still without relief.

If we put aside this more than lazy realization, however, we can be pleased to find one of the most technical traces of Super Mario Kart. Hairpin bends, oil slicks and untimely pipes: the dangers are numerous, and although the track is much wider than it was then, it still takes some control to avoid going off-piste. Alas, this is not enough to save this Circuit Mario 3, which will definitely make the list of courses in Mario Kart there was better before.

3. Kalimari Desert – N64

This circuit of Mario Kart 64 has always been more interesting for its concept than for its realization. Initially, the route is actually very basic, even boring on the last segment. The interest of the race lay in the western atmosphere and especially at the level of the two crossings, where you risk colliding with a train if you lack caution or attention.

Undoubtedly, the revised version i Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is ten notches above the original. For starters, the ramps and jumps have been added in the Kalimari Desert version of Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS makes a comeback and adds a bit of spice to the overly clever layout. But it is above all the change of the route after the towers, as in the Promenade à Paris or the Traversée de Tokyo, that works wonders. In fact, if the first lap corresponds to the initial route, the second lap invites us to ride on the rails and therefore pay even more attention to the trains! Chills guaranteed!

4. Pinball Waluigi – DS

Pinball Waluigi is clearly one of the best circuits in Mario Kart DSand it was also one of the most anticipated for this expansion pass of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And the result lives up to expectations! We find the psychedelic neon atmosphere, the many turns, but also the bumpers and the giant pinballs that quickly send us into the air.

As in the original circuit, the noise from the object wheel has been changed, giving this course a little more special style. If the balls turn out to be a little less dangerous than on the Nintendo DS due to the extended track, we are sometimes surprised and there are many twists and turns in the situation.

5. Sydney Sprint – Tour

New cut, new city! Direction Australia for this first course in the Hélico Cup, as a result of Mario Kart Tour. The beautiful harbor metropolis of Sydney proves to be a particularly interesting playground for our friends karts in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.

From the harbor bridge to the famous opera house, we again cross famous monuments, but also an amusement park with Mario’s image. We also keep the passages in the opposite direction, as in the Promenade à Paris, which turns an obstacle from the previous ride into a frantic series of springboards to do tricks. Also mention the little sequence in flight, hovering over the water, which lands us in the middle of the opera… A moment that would have been much more striking if the modeling of the toads and yoshis from the public had been up to par.

6. Snowland – GBA

Unlike Circuit Mario 3, Snowy Land of Mario Kart Super Circuit was treated with an advantageous graphic overhaul. The original route, apart from its large loop, is nothing extraordinary, but the difficulty lies in the fact that the icy road is particularly slippery. Various obstacles such as penguins, cracks and snowmen can be added to this. A whole program!

We therefore find in the version Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this icy road, which requires greater vigilance, especially when cornering. Obstacles are still part of the program, with even the addition of fir trees, but most of the hazards are off the course. Only the penguins have fun sliding around the track and knocking over careless pilots. As for the water at the heart of the loop, for once Mario Kart 8it is not practically possible!

7. Mushroom Gorge – Wii

The Mushroom Canyon, which first appeared in Mario Kart Wiihad already been updated in Mario Kart 7 on Nintendo 3DS. This version to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is pretty close to it. So we find ourselves in this big valley where there are giant mushrooms that we have to roll on and even sometimes jump on. This is also the worst time to receive a shell because the slightest shock during these jump phases quickly deviates from our trajectory, resulting in a nice drop into the void.

The cave in the middle of the route no longer offers two, but three different paths, at the same time as the blue mushroom from Mario Kart 7, which initiates a sliding pass. Watch out for the huge Goombas in the last corner: they can knock you over just before the finish line.

8. The city’s sorbet

La Cité Sorbet, the final circuit of this second wave of additional content for Mario Kart 8 Deluxeis a new journey that has not been published in any other medium before, either Mario Kart Tour. Nevertheless, it will actually be added a little later in this mobile game, and it is even a safe bet that it was first designed for this support, given its realization: we end up with a decorated environment, quite cute, but quite empty frozen desserts , and whose textures are a little too basic.

However, unlike all previous tracks in the expansion pass, Sorbet City uses anti-gravity, the unique property of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. She only uses that, as the whole process, like the Baby Park, takes place in anti-gravity. This means that instead of slowing us down, collisions with other pilots give us an acceleration bonus.

Besides that, the route plays a lot on the feeling of verticality, with long climbs interrupted by jumping or sliding ramps. With a lack of protective barriers to prevent us from falling into the void, Cité Sorbet proves to be much harder than most of the retro circuits in the expansion pass, which, on the contrary, tend to erase the difficulty. We therefore welcome this more demanding course with joy, hoping to get other good surprises of this kind in the next waves.

See you now in a few months to discover the third wave. Maybe hope we end up getting new pilots too.

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