Heat wave in Nantes: how the terraces adapt when it’s too hot

This Thursday, 4 August 2022 around At 15.30 it was still warm Place Bouffay in Nantes. (©Farah Sadallah / News Nantes)

Mists, hat, parasol… The terraces try to adapt to it differently heat waves. Some bars and restaurants have invested in devices, while others prefer to be patient or simply don’t need them. News Nantes went to meet them center of Nantes.

This Thursday, August 4, 2022, Place Bouffaythe heat is still oppressive and heavy in the mid-afternoon, though the top of the heat was Wednesday. Ruinbaren is one of those that has set up. In an attempt to lower the temperature on their large terrace, they installed misted fans. There are two on one side of their outdoor space, near the trees.

It’s a cool corner next to the trees. Customers will often settle there elsewhere. There are days when it is too hot, it is deserted on the other side of the terrace, where there are no trees.

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The customers come late at night

On the other hand, its neighbors Place Bouffay cannot benefit from the freshness of the hardwoods, and their terraces suffer. “For the colleagues next door, sometimes there is none”, continues the general manager of the Ruinbaren.

Take effect, at Cafe Bouffay, the terrace is empty, even though it is 3:30 p.m. No device has been installed to update clients. So in very hot weather the customers come late at nightsays bartender and server Nathan Lhomeau:

The warmer it is, the fewer people there are. People go out later in the evening, sometimes they come around midnight or even one in the morning. Wednesday was very quiet all evening.

In the air stream

This situation, the bar Perrok know her very little. Located in a corner between two buildings, the bar is both in the shadow and in a draft. “We are the last to open, we open later and we are not too affected”, explains Momo, employee of the Nantes bar. Knowing that it opens at 2.30 p.m., while the Bouffay café opens at 10:00 a.m.

In two or three hours we will be full. It is well shaded, it is cooler.


hats for customers

the burger restaurant, Ernest’ Inn is also dependent on the air currents crossing rue Foure In Nantes. “We are lucky to have a street where the wind blows,” testifies the creator and owner of the restaurant, Céline Viale.

But she is not only betting on that. The owner recently changed the round umbrellas to choose rectangles. The latter adapts more to the shape of the buildings and thus their shadow.

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The burger restaurant also offers hats to its customers. “The first front tables are not always completely in the shade, so we give hats to customers,” explains Céline Viale, who is considering taking the next step by buying fans.

A decrease of between 10 and 15% in turnover

But that doesn’t seem to be enough to entice the customer to come when it’s very hot. Heat spikes would cause a drop in attendance in bars and restaurants. Olivier Dardé, the president of the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industries in the 44 (Loire-Atlantique), also observes a decrease in consumption when it is hot.

Cécile Viale testifies to this. Compared to 2021, its turnover fell between 10 and 15% in 2022. “On Wednesday evening, for example, we made 1/4 of our turnover, or 25% compared to normal, she illustrates. when it’s hot all day, customers don’t enjoy coming, they’re tired. »

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