Sadness, joy, love… do animals have feelings?

We are more and more sensitive to welfare animalsnever have we owned so manyPet. Moreover, more and moreemissions are devoted to our animals. This new interest goes hand in hand with the development of research on sensitivity and animal emotionsespecially onempathy. Now you can answer the question: Do animals have feelings? Well… Animals experience emotions! … Read more

R&R Ranch, a paradise for miniature horses

Located in the heart of the beautiful wooded valley of Chesterfield, in the US state of Missouri, the R&R Ranch, covering almost thirteen hectares, is a true paradise, primarily housing mini Shetland and Falabella survivors. The twenty-four equine residents have classic stables, in accordance with their size, guaranteeing them a new dream life. The result … Read more

Due to global warming, these lizards are born already old

wikimedia commons Viviparous baby lizards age prematurely wikimedia commons ANIMALS – Climate change poses a real threat to reptiles and other wildlife. In a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this Monday, August 8, French scientists have established a link between the premature aging of newborn lizards and global warming. Heat-related … Read more

Fires in the Gironde: wildlife tormented by flames

Many wild animals have already succumbed to the fires that have ravaged the Gironde since July 12, 2022. Among the survivors, some are hit on the roads, disoriented and exhausted. calls on everyone to be vigilant and responsible to restore wildlife. Ravaged natural habitats, birds dead from exhaustion, wild boar and fox cubs hit … Read more

These “sea bees” pollinate marine plants

“It was very difficult to publish the first article because no one would believe us,” she recalls. The role of pollinators on Earth is well established. Hundreds of thousands of flowering species depend on animals and insects to reproduce. Plants provide nectar or the promise of something to eat, and pollinators facilitate the sexual reproduction … Read more