Burial of a pet: the rules

Any owner of a pet can wonder if he has the right to bury it in his garden. When an animal is seriously ill, its master takes it to a veterinarian. And if the disease he is suffering from is incurable, this veterinarian offers euthanasia. This package may include the burial of the animal in … Read more

Climate change will lead to increased spread of viruses to humans, which could cause new pandemics

A major study recently published in the journal Nature (Carlson, Albery et al., “Climate change increases the risk of virus transmission across species“) concludes that ongoing climate change will greatly increase the risk of transmission to humans of viruses already present in animal populations, as has already happened with SARS-CoV-2 and others such as HIV … Read more

Shanghai detained animal rescue volunteers

The Chinese economic capital is facing its strongest epidemic outbreak since the start of the pandemic in late 2019. Its 25 million inhabitants have been confined to their homes since early April. China uses a strict zero Covid strategy, which includes placing all people who test positive, even asymptomatic, in quarantine centers, where they are … Read more

Drones fly to the rescue of animals

Technology at the service of our 30 million friends! Around the world, drones are regularly deployed to help animals: in the long run in connection with observations or in an emergency through rescue operations. Overview! Combating poaching, sublimation of biodiversity, rescue operations … So many examples proving the usefulness of the science-technology alliance to protect … Read more

Me Terrin: “Every animal that suffers has the right to a lawyer”

SClients are called Tito, Youri, Mustache or Rosa. All the misery of the animal world parades in his cabinet located as the god of animals wanted, rue Paradis, in Marseille. Isabelle Terrin defends dogs and cats that have been tortured, burned alive, defenestrated or starved. This former kindergartener turned into a lawyer “wearing the dress … Read more

Is the concept of “animal welfare” intended to minimize violence against animals?

The way we think and the words we use are interdependent, and agri-food professionals have well understood this: To hide violence against animals, they multiply euphemisms and semantic derivations. In the 19th century became drab and flakes thus became slaughterhouses, and in farms today, the care can refer to the filing of the teeth as … Read more