“The Polisario Front has the right to represent the Sahrawi people” in court

Published on: 30/09/2021 – 08:23Changed: 30/09/2021 – 16:05 Western Sahara, a non-autonomous region that has been disputed for decades between Morocco and the Polisario Front, was again at the center of the debate on Wednesday. A European court ruling gave the separatists “the right to represent the Sahrawi people in the courts and in commercial … Read more

TV show. Sand rain from the Sahara, advance of the desert … This evening, immersion in the dunes

The surface of the Sahara desert has increased by 10% in a century, which is equivalent to the surface of the metropolitan area of ​​France. In “When the Desert Approaches”, a documentary “On the Front” aired tonight at 21 on France 5, Hugo Clément takes as his starting point this observation to make us discover … Read more

Tuaregs: Sahara’s blue men

October 2, 2021 Image Credit, Juan Martinez caption, The fashion styles symbolize the nomadic culture and traditions of the Tuaregs. Daraa or boubou du sahara, a long, loose cloak, and roofing must, a fabric veil used as a turban, are two essential garments for the traditionally nomadic men of the Sahara. Image Credit, Juan Martinez … Read more

Children saw Namibia

In February 2020, The press told the story of Edith Lemay and Sébastien Pelletier, who were introducing their four children to the world, three of whom have a degenerative eye disease. It was only last month that they were finally able to leave. We joined Edith in Namibia, where the family is embarking on their … Read more

The Abrahamic Treaty, the origin of the escalation between Algeria and Morocco

On Wednesday, Algeria accused “Moroccan occupying forces in Western Sahara” of killing three of its citizens as they traveled from Nouakchott to Ouargla. This event fuels the ongoing escalation between the two North African rivals, whose origins go back to the Abrahamic Treaty, which in particular normalizes diplomatic relations between Israel and the Cherifi Kingdom. … Read more

four questions to understand the crisis between Algeria and Morocco

Western Sahara “not to be negotiated”. The words of the King of Morocco, Mohammad VI, Saturday, November 6, about this territory, which has been disputed for decades between his country and the Sahrawi separatists backed by Algeria, is unequivocal. Since the summer, tensions between Morocco and Algeria have worsened, reaching a climax on November 1 … Read more

the Sahrawi camps, a state in exile

“The desert is magical for tourists, but this desert was not created to live there.” Yahia Buhubeini hurries into his office to escape the harsh rays of the sun, which this October are still hitting the large courtyard of the Saharawi Red Crescent (CRS), of which he is the director. All around, the horizon is … Read more

The forgotten conflict in Western Sahara

In the past year, the Sahrawi separatists from the Polisario Front have resumed their military operations against the Moroccan army after nearly three decades of ceasefire. An asymmetric conflict, which they hope will resume negotiations on this territory with a disputed status, at the heart of the diplomatic tension between Morocco and Algeria. From our … Read more