The attack of dogs during their jogging, these Montluçonnais (Allier) hope for an awareness of the masters

Denis Geffroy and Théo, his son, took advantage of the Easter weekend’s mild spring with their dogs, Orion and Saphir. The two men were about a hundred yards from the houses when four mastiffs met them. Left astray by the owners, the herd then threw itself violently over their dogs. Merciless, dogs, wolf-dogs, throw them … Read more

Accumulation in Puy-de-Dôme, theft of dogs from SPA … The various facts from this Wednesday in Auvergne in brief

The dumper’s brakes no longer worked Fortunately, the accident took place in urban areas on Wednesday, May 4, late in the morning, in Montmrault. The vehicles involved did not move fast and the consequences are only significant. A dumper whose engine brakes were no longer working hit a car in front of it. The dumper … Read more

origin, size, health and behavior

Discover everything there is to know about the Akita Inu, the breed of Spitz-type dogs: origin, size, health, behavior. Before adopting a dog, it is important to prepare. But it is also necessary to find out about Dog breed which you will welcome. In fact, not all companion dogs have the same grades and do … Read more

Czechoslovakian Wolfhound: origin, size and character

The Czechoslovakian wolfhound is a relatively new breed. Behind his wild animal appearance hides an extremely loyal dog. that Czechoslovakian wolfhound is a dog breed with a strong temperament. Deterrent and brave, the wolf dog is very protective of his family. His origin The Czechoslovakian Wolfhound is a breed of dog that originates from a … Read more

Gers: breach of trust, dog shot and killed … The president of the local SPA charged

the essential The president of the Gers SPA, Marie-France Le Bagousse-Baus, was charged Thursday morning with “breach of trust” and “complicity in intentional assault on an animal’s life” for alleged facts that would take place late last year. March. The president of the SPA du Gers came out of two days of custody, where she … Read more

How to stop a dogfight?

Although your dog is the cutest of dogs, it is not immune to conflicts with another of its companion dogs. Fights between dogs are frequent, and if they are aimed primarily at everyone imposing themselves as the strongest to hide their vulnerability, they can lead to serious injuries to opponents. It is therefore better to … Read more