Synonymous mutations are not neutral!

The revolution of “neutral” mutations! Mutations are changes in the DNA sequence. They happen all the time, more or less randomly, even in protein-coding genes. Most mutations in these genes also cause a change in the sequence of amino acids that make up the protein encoded by this gene (non-synonymous mutations). However, it is mostly … Read more

Robust analyzes show that nature-based solutions to reduce coastal floods are cost-effective

New analysis shows that restoration of mangroves and coral reefs can be a cost-effective solution to reduce coastal flooding in more than 20 Caribbean countries. The study, published May 28 in the journal ecosystem servicehas used methods from the risk and insurance industry to deliver rigorous evaluations of these natural defenses and show that they … Read more

its origin discovered in Kyrgyzstan

It was the biggest pandemic in history. “The Great Plague” or “the Black Death” destroyed 14th-century Europe. Archaeologists announce that it would have started in Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan. What are the symptoms of this rodent disease? Has she completely disappeared? Summary [Mise à jour le 20 juin 2022 à 11h24] According to some estimates, … Read more

the sun did not darken the party

Despite the heat wave, several hundred people took part in the traditional Nature Festival organized in Roeser by the non-profit organization natur & ëmwelt over the weekend. Nature and sustainability were in focus all weekend at Kockelscheuer. The non-profit organization natur & ëmwelt organized its traditional nature festival, an inevitable event for families and lovers … Read more

An alliance for nature and biodiversity

The Ministry of the Environment has signed a cooperation charter with the Natura 2000 “Uewersauer” steering group. On Friday, the Minister for the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development, Joëlle Welfring, signed a charter of cooperation with the Natura 2000 “Uewersauer” steering group. The ceremony took place in Bavigne. The eight Natura 2000 sites that make … Read more

four new dormitories in nature this summer

For the foot or on top of the massifs, four paths for a refreshing contemplation. With the only luxury, simplicity and nature in majesty. Air bubble in Morzine Around Lac des Mines d’Or, a few minutes from the center of Morzine, Aurélie has installed one, two and then three bubbles of 18 m², the last … Read more

Make nature a pillar in tomorrow’s city: Cerema presents the approach to giving nature its place in the city

The latest document in the Les Essentiels collection, “Make Nature a Pillar in the City of Tomorrow”, is aimed at elected officials in local authorities and their teams. The purpose is to show how to give nature in the city the place it needs to perform its various functions. On the occasion of the release, … Read more