how does nature do us good?

We have all experienced wellness while walking in nature. Is this impression confirmed by science? How does the natural environment affect the brain? Answer by Michel Le Van Quyen researcher at INSERM. How does nature benefit us? © Getty / d3sign Affected by the lack of nature during the first confinement, INSERM researcher Michel Le … Read more

“We must give trade a social role”

You are a self-taught business leader. Is this an advantage in your opinion? David Lachaud: I obtained a DEA in marine geophysics, passionate about the study of the ocean floor, the geography of the subsurface, the motion of tectonic plates. But I did not want to work in the oil industry, which was predestined for … Read more

“Humans are created by and for nature”

Created in Canada, the University of Nature pursues the goal of uniting humans with nature. Its approach is “positive”, explains Hubert Mansion, its founder, in an interview with Paperjam: it consists in showing nature’s contribution to human physical and mental health. With the idea of ​​re-learning to love and identify with nature is the most … Read more

Nantes winery. Nature celebrates its return on May 7 in Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine

By Clisson writes Published on 3. May 22 at. 16.50 The weekly magazine of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this medium Constance Coudrin from the Grand Diversion Resource Center in Remouille, Dominique Duval from Amap in Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine and Maryse Gobin from Mon agglo zero déchet presented this new edition of Faire nature. © … Read more

Today I have a date with God in nature – Christian News – Christian News

May 3, 2022Anne-Sylvie Sprenger, Protestinfo Breathe in the fresh air with the family, artistic workshops, walks or even outdoor meditations: these are the suggestions of “Au rendez-vous de la nature”, a project supported by the Evangelical Reformed Church in Vaud. Launch in early May.“When we are in nature, we face infinity.” It is by quoting … Read more