Discover the new map of priority areas in Poitou

The National Board of Health has updated its list of municipalities that will benefit from help in attracting doctors. A new zoning that relieves Deux-Sèvres but disappoints Charente. They would have done well without this trophy, these municipalities turned orange on the new map of the regional health authority. “Enter in ZIP, summarizes Patrick Baudry, … Read more

Six months after the inauguration, the reception for travelers in Ussel (Corrèze) begins to fill up

Under the spring sun in Haute Corrèze, Davina hangs her laundry out at the back of the field, she has been staying with her family for two weeks. “It’s a beautiful area,” says one accustomed to frequenting the reception areas for travelers. “It’s a well laid out place, well installed, it’s quiet …” Maybe even … Read more

Nantes winery. Nature celebrates its return on May 7 in Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine

By Clisson writes Published on 3. May 22 at. 16.50 The weekly magazine of Sèvre et Maine See my news Follow this medium Constance Coudrin from the Grand Diversion Resource Center in Remouille, Dominique Duval from Amap in Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine and Maryse Gobin from Mon agglo zero déchet presented this new edition of Faire nature. © … Read more

Amazon. “We were thrown like dogs”

A thriving sector, e-commerce holds a bleak dark side: more than 40 million French people order online each year, but are often unaware of the fate reserved for the army of delivery men who bring them packages home. In Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray (Seine-Maritime), the giant Amazon set up a depot two years ago. Every day, packages sent … Read more

Your pet is unique, remember to protect it!

Vacations can be stressful for your pet. Thanks to its unique formulation based on essential oils with soothing properties, Petscool helps soothe animals during this period. June 14, 2018 For your pet, the holidays can be a great source of stress. The PetsCool multi-arts series, based on four essential oils with soothing properties, can help … Read more

Nord-Côtières Sans Limites have learned to respect their borders

In addition to self-fulfillment, the unforgettable experience they have had, Nord-Côtières Sans Limites has especially learned during the Rose Trip Senegal trek the importance of respecting their own boundaries. And these limits were tested from the first day of the adventure in the Lompoul desert in Senegal. Nord-Côtières, Marilyne Bérubé-Lapointe, Véronique Morneau and Geneviève Dion … Read more

what are the access formalities?

It is a date that marks a turning point for Thailand. The country has just abolished on May 1 the screening test on arrival for all travelers, whether they have been vaccinated or not. Good news therefore for travelers, some of whom feared being placed in isolation in the hospital for 10 days in case … Read more