When Voyages arrive in France before conquering Europe!

TourMaG mobile app Naar Voyages is the French division of the Italian Naar Tour Operator It’s FINALLY the big day for Naar Voyages! The techno and tailor-made Italian tour operator arrives at travel agencies. Following a trial in September 2019, interrupted by covid-19, the French subsidiary of Naar Tour Operator begins its activities with Marco … Read more

Can wild animals be homosexual?

Animal sexuality is a theme full of mysteries, and sometimes a little taboo. Among the questions that specialists have tried to answer: Are there gay animals in the wild when the purpose of species is to reproduce to secure their offspring? Interviewed by the media Rawsaid ethologist Fleur Daugey, who studies this behavior: “It can … Read more

What to do in this part of the Sahara?

TourMaG mobile app Tunisia is a North African country covering an area of ​​163,000 km2. Moreover, if this state is one of the most popular destinations for travelers, it is mainly because of its many tourist attractions. Among the places that highlight this country and make it famous in the world, there is the Tunisian … Read more

This physicist thinks he has broken one of the secrets of time travel

Reading time: 2 min – Spotted on ScienceAlert Time travel has long fascinated science fiction writers and the scientific community. ScienceAlert is interested in a physicist who thinks he has found what would make this phenomenon possible. Our current understanding of what time is depends on Einstein’s general theory of relativity. It has made it … Read more

Cancer detection: This antibody prevents tumors from spreading

The MCLA-158 antibody, dubbed Petosemtamab, was developed through experiments performed on tumor organoids derived from patients; these “mini-tumors”, which perfectly reproduce the architecture and behavior of a true tumor, allow the medical profession to test various anti-cancer treatments. Researchers set out to use a heterogeneous biobank of organoids derived from colorectal cancer patients to determine … Read more

Which animals take drugs?

Reindeer If we are not sure that jaguars take drugs voluntarily, there is no doubt about reindeer. These deer love the fly agaric, a poisonous and … psychotropic fungus. They like this fungus so much that the reindeer are ready to drink the urine of those who have already eaten it, or to roll in … Read more

From Office of Legends to Downton Abbey, Jonathan Zaccaï’s time travel

MEET – Driven by the popularity of Eric Rochant’s soap opera, the Belgian actor caught the attention of the producers of the English cult series. He tells how he found his place among the Crawleys. From the frugality of the DGSE’s premises to the splendor of the Côte d’Azur rocked by the celebrations of Great … Read more

in Argentina, a predatory dinosaur reveals some secrets

Three years after its discovery in southern Argentina, the fossil of a dinosaur gradually reveals its secrets: 70 million years old, measured 10 meters long, it was a large predator that removed its prey using sharp, curved claws. The remains of this “megaraptor”, a carnivorous dinosaur with large hind legs and small upper limbs, were … Read more