Medical Desert in the Montluçon Basin (Allier): What Are the Remedies for Legislative Candidates?

“We are heading for a large-scale health disaster if nothing is done as soon as possible,” warns Samir Triki (center right), ENT surgeon at Montluçon hospital. “We must move on to coercive measures for the deployment of doctors, at least time to pass this unbearably difficult course for our population. Incentive measures have shown their … Read more

The attack of dogs during their jogging, these Montluçonnais (Allier) hope for an awareness of the masters

Denis Geffroy and Théo, his son, took advantage of the Easter weekend’s mild spring with their dogs, Orion and Saphir. The two men were about a hundred yards from the houses when four mastiffs met them. Left astray by the owners, the herd then threw itself violently over their dogs. Merciless, dogs, wolf-dogs, throw them … Read more