Monkey cups: how do you protect yourself from the virus and what to do in case of symptoms?

The number of confirmed cases of abekopper is rising, especially in Europe and North America. The virus, which is less deadly than smallpox, usually lasts two to four weeks and symptoms may occur between five and 21 days after infection. Although healthcare professionals stress that the risk to humans remains low, it is important to … Read more

Case of Monkeypox: update June 7, 2022

Cases of monkeys not directly related to travel to Central or West Africa, or people returning from travel, have been reported in Europe and around the world, suspected cases are being assessed in many countries and the situation is therefore changing significantly. quickly. In France, infections with this virus are subject to long-term surveillance through … Read more

infected patients should avoid contact with their pets

News Posted on 31/05/2022 at 20:12., Reading 3 min. To curb the spread of monkey pox, European and British health authorities have issued numerous recommendations, particularly regarding pets. Patients with the virus should avoid contact with their pets. As more than 200 cases of monkey pox have been recorded in Europe, the UK Health Safety … Read more